Elegant pragmatism: Light Years Skin Studio

Light years Skin Studio was created through a virtual collaboration between Melbourne-based designer Geraldine Maher of Maher Design and her client, Megan Jurisich. Located in the Oracle Boulevard development in Broadbeach on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the project also represents a triumph over adversity – an innovative new venture designed, built and launched in four months under knocking down pandemic response conditions. many others.

In its underlying philosophy, Light Years responds to the new world order with a business model built around a short-term, short-term, light therapy service within individual and socially distant “micro-retirement” spaces.

Although seemingly a “beauty treatment” space, Light Years looks like something different, something new. There was a real desire to work against expectations in this regard and in particular to avoid long and expensive treatments among pseudo-medical stylisms. Instead, Maher created a warm sense of authenticity to express corporate ethics, communicating a sense of environmental responsibility meant to engage a more pragmatic customer interested in personal care but not time-consuming care. Fueled by a minimalist premise that seeks to eliminate “fluff,” Light Years offers very few treatments beyond signature LED therapy. This less is more attitude also applies to client time through treatments that typically take 15 minutes and certainly no more than 30. Just as a short nap is refreshing enough to kick-start energy levels, these brief treatments therefore offer an opportunity for a while. with therapeutic benefits.

The design eschews a traditional counter to maintain circulation space and reinforce the skin studio’s ethic of openness and accessibility.

Image: Andy Macpherson

The abstract shapes of the sculpted interior speak directly, albeit in a playful way, of functions. The 50 square meter space consists of four areas: reception and point of sale, LED therapy modules, a small treatment room for the few other services on offer and a small staff preparation area. Enclosed by translucent wraparound curtains suspended from suspended ceilings, the three triangular pods resemble huts for adults and offer real points of attraction.

The elegant plan promotes a feeling of generosity in this small space. Although the functional areas are distinct, they are not cut off from each other. The use of cork to line the sculptural carpentry elements and the surface of the wall in the treatment space creates such a consistency that these elements feel sculpted rather than constructed. As an antimicrobial and antibacterial material, cork perfectly communicates the desired ethic of authenticity, naturalness and warmth while maintaining hygienic standards.

The wall also conceals a treatment room with a massage table.

The wall also conceals a treatment room with a massage table.

Image: Andy Macpherson

Cork-covered cabinets hit the peacock blue wall and accommodate the reception, point of sale, display and storage of products, and frame the distinctive and delicate Light Years logotype expressed in brass. A self-supporting hinged wall in a combination of cork and mirrored surfaces contains a cleaning station and a small bench. The reflective surfaces of the slanted wall create the illusion of spaciousness for the areas facing the street while cradling the more private treatment room behind. Expanding the feeling of space through reflection is a great privacy sheet for LED therapy pods. The curtain enclosure is just enough to create a feeling of retirement and psychological separation in the larger volume. Each small kiosk is individually lit and customers are invited to listen to a podcast, music or a meditation to intensify the feeling of cocooning.

The memorable, elementary quality of the overall design – the sculpted cabinets, the freestanding wall and the alluring shapes of the LED therapy pods – epitomizes the elegant pragmatism of the Light Years brand. The authentic material ambience and the soft color palette avoid the gender stereotypes that often define so-called beauty spaces. Light Years aims to be welcoming to everyone – and often. Bringing comfortable familiarity through its minimal yet intriguing shapes, shapes and textures, and with services offered through a subscription model, the studio is a space that guests return to frequently.

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