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Soft curves and delicate colors set the tone for the space in a stunning recent layout by award-winning Australian designer Greg Natale of Greg Natale Designs.

Well known for her application of patterns and colors, Natale took her flair for flamboyance and softened the tones of this two-story, three-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s desirable Walsh Bay area.

Blending beautifully with its picturesque harbor side location, the soft palette merges pink and yellow with elegant white and gray to meet customer desires.

“The backrest called for ‘a lot of curves’ as well as the delicate palette and use of modern European furniture,” Natale explains.

“The owner wanted a soft, contemporary space filled with flowing lines.”

Curves and colors go hand in hand, from interior architecture to selected furniture and accessories.

Complementary elements create an unmistakably comfortable and inviting space while providing a sophisticated look.

The most striking application of curves is in the living room. The award-winning bedroom, which typifies the overall theme of the apartment, features a custom curved staircase, curved walls, and the installation of a built-in bench and wardrobes.

The use of flexible Gyprock plasterboard allowed the vision to come to life, demonstrating how high design thinking, coupled with great craftsmanship, can take basic building materials and shape them into timeless architecture.

The 6.5 millimeter thick flexible gypsum board is typically used to create characteristic walls and ceilings with its enhanced gypsum core designed to bend for small radius curves.

It adds another dimension to the home by creating stunning features and interesting design elements such as convex and concave curves in hallways, partitions, tray ceilings and stairways.

The design element has also been used in the bedroom and study, as well as in the master bedroom and bathroom, which includes a walk-in closet, a free-standing bathtub and a luxuriously furnished relaxation area.

“The master bedroom and bathroom, with its organic lines, perpetuate the apartment’s blend of luxury and comfort in which curves and colors combine to create a sophisticated and serene space,” Natale explains.

“The use of curves in the ceiling boxes resulted in a sober and elegant layer of detail. ”

The ceiling is an essential element of interior design and is used to its fullest in this renovation.

“When I design a space, walls and ceilings are among my first considerations,” says Natale.

“They are an essential layer of architecture and a wonderful way to introduce a motif into the setting of a room, helping to define its appearance and adding interest and drama.”

With its modern building materials and systems, the design shows how good planning at the construction stage leads to beautiful structures and interiors that maximize living environments for owners.

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