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The cost of hiring a floor plan designer varies between $ 800 and $ 2,700, i.e. an average cost of the project of approximately $ 1,750. Fares start at $ 50 and go up to $ 130 per hour for a draftsman to draw up plans or a house plan. Plans for a three bedroom house require at least 10 hours and typically cost between $ 500 to $ 2,000.

Architectural designers or draftsmen draw plans for new homes, renovations and additions. They use CAD (computer aided design) software to design the architectural plans and technical drawings required for the engineering and construction of the space. These services can be offered by architectural and design firms, or on a freelance basis by independent professionals.

Types of floor plans

For interior design or construction mockups, floor plan design software may be adequate. But construction and renovation work usually requires a set of plans drawn with CAD software.

Floor plan software

Building construction professionals and designers normally use floor plan software during the proposal and decision-making phase of the design. It allows them to create a house plan in as little as two hours for a three bedroom house. The software creates a 3D floor plan that the designer uses to create 2D and 3D renderings for construction or design presentation.

It offers a faster, cheaper alternative that is easy to change, but shows much less technical detail than CAD. Do-it-yourselfers can purchase subscription software for around $ 20 per month.

CAD plans

CAD software is much more detailed and takes around 10 hours to develop the floor plan for a house of a similar size. Architects and engineers use CAD software to create the technical drawings that provide the documentation required for construction. These plans are much more detailed and specific than those produced by basic floor plan software. CAD drawings are much more expensive and are not needed until the design is finalized. CAD software is not suitable for DIY. If you need plans, hire a professional draftsman.

Cost of writing services

The cost of hiring a designer adds to the bottom line, but it is needed whenever original plans are required. The final cost of writing services is affected by the size of the project, its complexity, plan requirements, tools used, timing and location. Costs double or triple in large cities compared to rural or suburban tariffs. The average cost of writing services ranges from $ 800 to $ 2,700 develop plans for new construction, renovations or additions.

Hourly rates for architects

An architect is a licensed professional who has a four-year university degree, several years of professional training, and has passed a grueling multi-part exam. This person has the training and expertise to perform the design, drafting and engineering. Some licensed architects describe themselves as designers, but only licensed architects can claim this title. The cost of hiring an architect varies from $ 100 to $ 350 per hour.

Hourly rates for certified draftsmen

A draftsman or designer who is not a licensed architect can also design floor plans. They often work under the supervision of engineers or architects, but many offer their services on a freelance basis. Voluntary certification is available, but academic and professional experience varies widely. It is important to review portfolios and check references before hiring a freelance designer. Chartered designer fees range from $ 80 to $ 150 per hour.

Hourly rates for freelance writers

Freelance rates vary widely due to experience and location. Prices vary between $ 35 and $ 150 per hour. Some fees per project, with fees reflecting the industry average at around $ 1,700.

Writing costs per square foot

Due to the large variations in plan details, drafting costs per square foot also vary widely. Fees for writing services range from $ 0.50 to $ 3 per square foot. The cost of an architect ranges from $ 1.25 to as much as $ 10 per square foot.


Architects and contractors use the printed floor plan, or blueprints, as a manual for building the project. They are used to develop design ideas, communicate with clients, provide direction to the builder, record completed work and register the existing building. The plans are digital files, so the only additional cost is printing hard copies.

Printing costs

The cost of printing varies from $ 0.06 to $ 25 per sheet. One or more hard copies may be included in the writing costs. The average set of house plans has 10 sheets per level. A full set of prints includes all sheets for the entire project. Technology has reduced, but not eliminated, the need for paper prints. Additional prints will cost more.

  • Sheets of paper run $ 0.05 to $ 8.50 per sheet
  • Cost of waterproof Tyvek sheets $ 3 to $ 20 per sheet
  • Binders and covers add $ 2 to $ 20 per set
  • Sizes range from 8.5 x 11 inches to 36 x 48 inches

Cost of modifications

Once the plan is approved, the cost changes between $ 400 and $ 2,500, depending on the details. Make sure to communicate well with your professional and submit all ideas and revisions before final approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can make a floor plan?

If you need technical drawings for a major renovation or construction project, you can hire an architect or draftsman to create the plans.

Do I need a designer or an architect?

If you need engineering and design expertise as well as technical drawings, an architect is the right way to go. But if you’ve done the engineering and design work before, a draftsman can turn the design into blueprints for the builder to follow.

Who should I hire for architectural drawings?

An architect, designer or engineer can create architectural drawings.

Can a designer design a house plan?

Check with your local building authority. In most cases, a designer can create a complete set of plans without the help or supervision of an architect. Only hire people with training and proven experience in drafting, preferably with credentials such as certification from the American Design Drafting Association.

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