Designer Quincy Aims to Make Commercial Spaces More Memorable | Local company

QUINCY – Morgan Miles said creating a one-of-a-kind, personalized retail space should be a priority for any business or organization. She started Miles Design Co., to help local groups do just that.

“Commercial design is not new to the area,” Miles said. “But a commercial design firm that focuses solely on interior design is going to be unique. Every building has an interior and that’s the part of a building that guests, customers, and employees interact with and experience every day. day.

“Interior design speaks volumes, and our goal is to create a space that evokes feelings consistent with an organization’s mission and values. By doing so, you further reinforce your unique brand, create a memorable experience, and set yourself apart from the competition.

Miles Design Co. is a full-service interior design firm now serving Quincy and surrounding areas. Morgan Miles previously held design positions at Architechnics of Quincy and O’Toole Design of St. Louis where she led the interior design aspects for various projects in the education, corporate, healthcare, health and others.

“To me, commercial design is so important because we spend the majority of our lives in a public space, whether it’s going to school, working in an office, or visiting a clinic or hospital,” he said. she declared. “Interior design has a direct impact on our physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Numerous studies show that a successfully designed interior leads to increased well-being and happiness.

Miles said she found the psychology of interior design to be fascinating and challenging. She said a major misconception about being an interior designer is that it’s not just about choosing a great paint color.

“It’s about every design element that comes together to create an interior space that positively impacts people,” she said.

With certification as an interior designer from the National Interior Design Qualifications Board and a bachelor’s degree in human environmental science, studying architecture with a major in interior design from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Miles wishes to create relationships with clients that will involve close and detailed collaborations.

“We want to make this process enjoyable and easy for customers,” she said. “We take the time to understand their needs and bring creative solutions to the table.”

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