Design Core Detroit announces the programming of the 2021 edition of the Detroit Month of Design

“For this year’s edition of Detroit Month of Design, we are proud and excited to present a calendar of fascinating and enriching cultural experiences that showcase the tenacity and creativity that make Detroit a UNESCO city of design ”, declared Olga Stella, director of Design Core Detroit. “With the generous support of sponsors, Rocket Companies and the William Davidson Foundation, we hope the festival will attract a larger audience to familiarize themselves with the diverse set of creations that make up Detroit design community. “

Now in its 11th edition, Detroit Month of Design is dedicated to highlighting Detroit single community voice. After 2020, Detroit designers continue to focus on the future, creating solutions to complex problems and accelerating the transition to a more inclusive world. This year’s identity celebrates the growth within that of Detroit design community while honoring its distinctive cultural roots through fascinating experiences for all – whether enjoyed outdoors, safely indoors, or in the comfort of home.

“Design is one of the main passion points for us here at Rocket Companies, so it made sense to root ourselves more in the design community of Detroit by partnering with Detroit Month of Design, ”said Andy Vitale, executive vice president of design at Rocket Mortgage. “Not only do we have the privilege of supporting a super talented local artist with an exhibition of her work, but we can also wave a flag for all the talent in our city.”

“Through design month, Design Core Detroit continues to highlight the strength and diversity of Detroit designers and design firms that set this community apart. The William Davidson Foundation is proud to sponsor this year’s festival and the work of Design Core to present and showcase Detroit designers to a national and global audience, ”said Darin McKeever, President and CEO of the William Davidson Foundation.

The full Detroit Month of Design program is available here.

Cranbrook chair show
Cranbrook Academy of the Arts & Jack Craig Studio
With graduates like Florence knoll, Harry bertoia, and Eero Saarinen, the legendary Cranbrook Academy of the Arts presents the Cranbrook Chair Show which will show a range of approaches to the ‘chair’ and how it interacts with the community. Dates & Details

To throw Detroit
Mike Han, Synecdoche design, & Ryan southen
An exploration of Mid-Century Modern, this collection of unique pieces is established by a multidisciplinary team in Detroit work with objects connected to the region. Dates & Details

Immersion moments presented by Rocket Companies
Yazmin Dababaneh
An immersive and experiential exhibition containing individual works that encapsulate and immerse viewers at the same time. Dates & Details

Steps to Justice: Artis Lane’s Portraits of Rosa Parks
Collection Detroit, Art Impact Connect and Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit (MMODD)
With portraits of Rosa Parks by the famous 94 year old painter / sculptor Artis Street, this exhibition will feature multimedia images – from paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and engravings to a presidential medal – relating to civil rights icons / issues around the world. Dates & Details

Morphogenesis / Thread
Morphogenesis; Cody Normand transforms recycled plastic to make it look organic and almost natural through the use of robotic 3D printing and a portable plastic extrusion gun. |Wire; Elizabeth salonen, created abstract embroidery as a form of meditation and a way to combat anxiety and depression. Dates & Details

Sneaker house presented by Walk-in locker
Design core
Sneaker House celebrates the creatives of sneaker culture with visually dynamic installations from We Are Culture Creators, Jenna van fleteren, Onzie Norman, & Darryl blanding and an art exhibition featuring the works of Sherrie Sauvage, Taylor childs, Torrence Jackson, and Nathalie Pryor. Dates & Details

Michigan Opera theater
BLISS is a calming hymn by renowned Icelandic artist Ragnar kjartansson, replaying an excerpt from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro to create the feeling of an eternal looping moment of repentance and grace, Dates & Details

Toyota Lecture Series Presents Dapper Dan
College of Creative Studies
Known for using exquisite leathers, furs and other noble materials, Dapper Dan first drew powerful New York City scammers as customers, this talk is an exploration of Dapper Dan’s design philosophy. This conference is free and open to the public; places are limited and registration is compulsory. Dates & Details

Transformational Change in Legacy Organizations – Lessons Learned Detroit and beyond
This virtual session will present ideas emerging from the challenges and success of design and transformation within companies and institutions in Detroit and beyond. Dates & Details

Design Jam: adapted sports clothing and accessories
College of Creative Studies
Design Jam will move product innovation for the membership loss community, which typically takes place behind a few closed doors, to a collective and open space. Dates & Details

Palette Cleaner
Parini, NEXT: SPACE, & Flor
This event will serve to familiarize Detroit design community with the interior design process of Parini, the local artisans represented by NEXT: SPACE, and the process and technique of floral installation by Flor. Dates & Details

Create an inclusive design ecosystem
Herman Miller, Diversity in collaborative design
Join the Diversity in Design (DID) collective with a special panel of contributors and community members for an engaging discussion as we explore issues related to the lack of diversity in the design industry, particularly the under-representation of black creatives. Dates & Details

A guided tour of Detroit Oudolf Garden
Piet oudolf
Enjoy the plant and garden art of world famous designer Piet Oudolf’s newest public garden on Detroit Beautiful island. Dates & Details

Detroit Design Month by the Numbers
8 design experiments
20 exhibitions
11 Installations
4 open studios
12 conferences
8 circuits
15 workshops
4 Youth + Family

Detroit Month of Design is a city-wide celebration of creativity that brings designers and the wider community together to celebrate Detroit role of national and world capital of design. Every September, partners from everywhere Detroit, from emerging studios to established companies and educational institutions, come together to show off their latest works and ideas. These transversal events take place in all corners of the city, highlighting the work that makes Detroit a city of design.

Design Core Detroit champions design-driven businesses and their role in strengthening Detroit economy. It offers services to strengthen, develop and attract design companies, increase market demand for design services and tell Detroit history of design locally and globally. Design Core is a department within the College of Creative Studies, which is a private non-profit art and design college located at Detroit, Michigan.

Design Core serves design-driven industries that specialize in design or use design as a central discipline of their business strategy. As steward of Detroit Designated UNESCO City of Design, Design Core serves as an organizer and federative organization for the Detroit City of Design initiative.

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