Dassault’s Falcon 10X Wins Awards for Stunning Cabin Design

Dassault Aviation’s large-cabin business jet, the Falcon 10X, hits the right notes in terms of its revolutionary cabin design. In recent weeks, the cabin has been shortlisted for design and all the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022 in the Private Jet Design and Interior Design categories.

It faces Eviation’s Gulfstream G700 and Alice in the first group, and Kimberly Williams’ G400 and Bombardier Global 7500 in the second. The awards are due to be announced at a ceremony at Venice’s Belmond Hotel Cipriani next week, May 27. Whether Dassault wins or not, just making the shortlist is cause for celebration for sure.

Dassault went to town to design a cabin for its newest jet that raises the bar for in-flight comfort. Photo: Dassault Aviation

The Falcon 10X scores a red dot

But Dassault has a good reason to celebrate this weekend, as the Falcon 10X received an award of distinction in its category at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards. The manufacturer claims it is one of the most distinguished awards in the world of design and a sought-after hallmark of brand excellence.

Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier commented,

“Dassault Aviation is distinguished by its ability to combine high technology ̶ the company is a world leader in aerodynamics and digital flight controls ̶ with cabin aesthetics and the inventive use of modern design. The goal is to raise the bar for passenger experience, which you’ll see in the 10X. »

The premium design earned a Red Dot award. Photo: Dassault Aviation

This year saw a record number of entrants to the Red Dot Awards, with products from a wide range of industries competing for the honour. Past winners have included everything from vacuum cleaners and soap dispensers to smart headphones and laptops. Dassault has already received awards for the interior of the Falcon 6X in 2021 and the 2000S in 2012.

What’s inside the Falcon 10X?

The Falcon 10X is currently in development, but is expected to be the largest purpose-built business jet in the world. It has a range of 7,500 nautical miles and a top speed of Mach 0.925.

The interior is huge, with 2,780 cubic feet (78.7 cubic meters) of space, complemented by a generous headroom of six feet 8 inches (just over two meters). The interior space is flexible, allowing customers to specify the layout to suit their lifestyle.

Ergonomic design coupled with multifunctional use of space gave Dassault the edge at Red Dot awards. Photo: Dassault Aviation

For the awards, the concept design focused on blurring the lines between home and jet, incorporating ergonomic features for extreme comfort, which will be a plus given the jet’s 16 hour flight time.

The spacious business jet offers a modular cabin that can be tailored to the owner’s needs. Photo: Dassault Aviation

The spaciousness of the interior is completed with the removal of view-blocking hardware and recessed controls for a sleek finish. Space is the order of the day, with abundant room to move built-in around tables and seating. Modular tables allow you to work, eat and relax comfortably.

Huge clutter-free windows add to the light and airy ambiance. Photo: Dassault Aviation

Large windows let in natural light, but in theater and spa-like bathrooms, the electrochromic feature blocks out light when needed. Advanced soundproofing means the 10X is the quietest in its class, striving for an experience that’s more like relaxing in a penthouse than flying around the world.

Spa-like bathrooms bring a sense of home to the well-designed cabin. Photo: Dassault Aviation

On top of all this, 10X offers a host of feel-good attributes, including 100% clean air and a new environmental system allowing for precise temperature control in every passenger section.

Residential touches make it feel like a home away from home. Photo: Dassault Aviation

Those who are lucky enough to attend the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva (EBACE) from May 23 to 25 will be able to see a full-size model of the cabin. For the rest of us, the photographs and our dreams will have to suffice.

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