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BOROUGH OF CLARION, PA (EYT) – Dan Smith’s Candies and Gifts had its official reopening ceremony on Friday at its new location, the old Wein Building in Clarion Borough.

(Photo above, left to right: Amy Scarnati, Lisa Heller and Joe Scarnati.)

Dan Smith’s owners Amy and Joe Scarnati purchased the Wein’s building in May and moved their store to the new Main Street location after extensive renovations and renamed it “Main Street Emporium”.

“It was a lot of work, but it was worth it,” said Lisa Heller, who manages Dan Smith’s at Clarion. exploreClarion.com.

“We saw the potential of a building that has been here for over 100 years,” said Amy Scarnati, “and we just didn’t want it to be empty. And we wanted to own the space we were in.

The interior renovation process to convert the building from a clothing store to a candy store began after the May Wein sale and ended in August.

“We spent a lot of time demolishing everything that was here,” said Joe Scarnati. “We filled two very large roll-off containers with demonstration material. Lots of people to thank here who have helped us. Our painter Todd MacBeth, Max Heller, entrepreneur Bill McMillan.


The interior design of the building is not the only change.

“We actually named the building the Main Street Emporium,” said Joe Scarnati. “Our plan is to remove Wein’s sign soon, and then next year we’ll repaint the facade. The designer sets up a cinema-type marquee. It will be in neon and will read “Main Street Emporium”.

Dan Smith’s new location will feature everything that was sold in the old store, as well as new products.

In addition to an expanded gift selection, Dan Smith’s now offers ice cream and milkshakes.

“Dan Smith started in the ice cream business in the 1950s,” explained Joe. “We actually found a local manufacturer in Kersey, they’re called Brandy Camp Creamery. We incorporated Dan Smith’s candies into part of the ice cream. You can buy melted peanut butter ice cream, you can buy butter brick with our caramel and chocolate peanut butter ice cream. So that’s a nice twist.

The Clarion store is Dan Smith’s top performing location. Besides Clarion, Dan Smith’s has stores in Brookville, Ridgway, DuBois and Indiana.

In addition to Heller, Dan Smith’s at Clarion has four other employees.

“What’s amazing is that in addition to the vacation, Lisa has always been able to handle the day-to-day operations on her own,” said Amy. “But since she’s been here, the increased business and the ice cream, we’ve had two daughters for most of the day. The opening on Sunday is also a novelty.

Joe mentioned that Dan Smith’s Brookville plant is currently at full capacity with five different outlets.

“We are trying to manage this,” he said. “We are focusing on our stores. Previously, Dan Smith focused more on fundraising. As we all know, there aren’t many kids who come knocking on your door to sell anything anymore. We moved away from that when we took over; we have focused more on retail.

However, he left open the possibility of another store in the Franklin area.

“Not right away, but show us a space and a manager and who knows. I was crazy enough to buy in this building, ”Joe said.

Besides Dan Smith’s, the new Main Street Emporium is home to Sugar Tree Boutique and 30 antique vendors on the second floor.


Dan Smith’s Candy takes over former Wein’s clothing stores

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