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hotel designs released a report that contains a survey of the positive feel-good qualities of circadian lighting. The 14-page document, titled Circadian Lighting Design, includes analysis and commentary from leading experts inside and outside the parameters of hotel design and hospitality.

Contributors were Professor Charles Ceizler of Harvard University; Ari Perala, founder of Arigami; Paul Robinson, Project Manager at Franklite, Wojciech Miiller, Laboratory and Technical Supervisor at Franklite; Dr. Helga Schmid, author and founder of Alternate and artists Sara Bozzini and David Kepron.

The research examines how color temperature can be used in hospitality settings to improve mood, increase or decrease energy, and optimize sleep performance. Additionally, the study highlights the latest technologies in LED lighting design and testing. Decorative lighting brand Franklitewhich won Best in Tech at the 2021 Brit List Awards, contributed to the research by publishing its knowledge of adjustable lighting, while allowing researchers to explore the brand’s own in-house test equipment.

Read the full report here:

Driven by science and new research, the report’s goal is to provide interior designers, architects, hoteliers, technologists and hospitality brands with the confidence to include circadian lighting in their designs. Using several lighting case studies and examples of “next level design thinking” around the wellness benefits of circadian lighting, the research is intended to be a meaningful resource that will help the industry to move forward as major wellness trends evolve.

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Main image credit: Arigami

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