Chic Austin Hotel Group taps Houston’s interior design mecca to elevate interiors of new luxury residences

VSASA Houston has a knack for creating luxurious interior styling for some of Houston’s most prominent multi-family residences. From luxury condos such as Giorgetti Houston and Sophie in Bayou Bend to high-end rental developments in Crimson and Regent Square, the CASA team’s design prowess is now expanding into a new market. When asked by boutique hotel developer Hotel Magdalena JV to collaborate on several interiors for the new luxury residences in Saint Cecilia, CASA-Houston owner Jerry Hooker welcomed the opportunity to present CASA’s offerings in Austin.

Large-scale artwork “The Thundering Herd” by David Yarrow paired perfectly with a stylish Poltrona Frau dining table and brown leather dining chairs for the bright dining room with berries glazed. (Photography by Andrea Calo)

“It’s no secret that Austin is booming with design opportunities,” says Hooker. “We have seen our client list grow rapidly over the past few years with a desire for a more cosmopolitan aesthetic from a global perspective. Partnering with Magdalena JV Hotel on Saint Cecilia Residences is a wonderful opportunity to show Austin what we are.

“Unparalleled ultra-luxury European furnishings and finishes, from modern to traditional.”

The Hotel Saint Cecilia, the 1880s house-turned-stylish hotel, has developed a loyal fanbase of the jet-set crowd over the years. Now with its new luxury development designed by Lake | Flato Architects, living the Saint Cecilia lifestyle is available to a select group of buyers who are fortunate enough to own these immaculate homes. The residences embody the same spirit as Hotel Saint Cecilia, with the privacy and comfort of a single-family home accentuated by the exceptional hotel services of Hotel Saint Cecilia and neighboring Hotel Magdalena.

A bold living room wall was used to accentuate stunning views using Wall & Deco wallcoverings with art by David Yarrow “310 to Yuma” and an exclusive 3D cut rug handcrafted by Kymo Atelier. The Poltrona Frau sofa and storage tables, the Giorgetti side table, the Ceccotti armchair, the Malabar console and the Rimadesio glass side table complete the space. (Photography by Andrea Calo)

For the interior styling of these model residences, much like the well-known aesthetic of the Saint Cecilia Hotel, CASA Houston fused a blend of design ideas. They’ve combined the sleek and luxurious European brands they’re known for with eclectic Austin sensibilities and nods to true Texas roots, as seen in David Yarrow’s large-scale Western-inspired artwork. and the Giorgetti CLOP seat, a version of the traditional saddle..

“The Saint Cecilia Hotel is the epitome of Austin cool. Its unique atmosphere is unlike any other in the city. The property instantly transports you to a unique and eclectic gated complex while being located in the middle of the city’s most exciting neighborhood,” Hooker said. “For each design, we envisioned a globe-trotting resident who appreciates bespoke interiors.

“They mix the best of luxury furniture with antiques and art they collect from around the world to create a beautiful and nostalgic home.”

A neutral color palette was used with this serene treetop view of Austin. A light gray Giorgetti sofa, sideboard, coffee tables and ottomans, marble side table, rug and accent stool (a set on the saddle) bring volume to the space. For added elegance, Poltrona Frau armchairs with a wooden side table were placed next to large windows highlighted by a Flos floor lamp. Series “Smokes” by John David Robbins (above sofa), Tyler Shields “RGB” (next to windows) and artwork by Caleb Charland “Pouring Light” (above sideboard) were used to complete the space. (Photography by Andrea Calo)

A mix of sleek modern furnishings, like Giorgetti and Poltrona Frau, plus a handful of antique relics have been used to warm up each space. An emphasis on carefully curated and vibrant art selections — thanks in part to CASA Houston’s partnership with Dallas-based Samuel Lynne Galleries — lends a more personalized touch to each room.

For more information on this unique project, visit or call 713-714-8105.

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