checkered perforations adorn the minimalist home of shira ben ezra in israel

Panoramic minimalism by Shira Ben Ezra

Architect Shira Ben Ezra has completed the design of a single family home residence in Galilee, Israel. The residence features a minimalist aesthetic, taking the form of a sturdy stone structure, topped by a white volume with a perforated checkerboard pattern. Focusing on openness, the residence generates a spacious living environment with a flowing configuration, while a series of expansive windows provide panoramic views of the untouched natural surroundings.

The project places great emphasis on creating spaces where occupants can maintain eye contact. “It was important for me to preserve the unobstructed view from the street, to the horizon line beyond the garden, while guiding the gaze between the agglomerations. explains Shira Ben Ezra.

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go in to the house

Approaching the residence, occupants encounter the front door on a patio located on the side of the project. On the street side, the patio is bordered by a light metal fence and a swing gate, decorated with an airy laser-cut motif. After entering, we find the living room, which has panoramic windows with a minimalist system of aluminum profiles.

The entrance area has been designed as part of a vaulted space, creating a feeling of spaciousness, and opens into the south-facing living room, with its 8 meter wide and 2.8 meter high windows overlooking the rear garden. The clean lines and natural colors of the furnishings blend beautifully with the decor of the home itself, which features stone clad walls, concrete floors, and wood paneling. plaid perforations decorate shira ben ezra's minimalist home in israel

upper floor with private bedrooms

Wooden stairs lead to the upper floor of the house, with the first three stairs appearing to soar in the air. This story hosts the family room and the bedrooms, all covered with parquet. The bedrooms are in the southern part of the house, facing the landscape. The northern part of this floor includes the laundry room, the bathrooms and the veranda.

A wall of decorative concrete screens provides privacy from the street, provides shade and a play of light and shadow on the entrance floor. Master bedroom colors range from very pale tones to shades of wood. The bed’s wooden base is inspired by Japanese designs and features minimalist style drawers on both sides. One wall of the room is a built-in closet with wooden doors that keeps the overall decor of clean lines intact. The bathroom walls are clad in natural travertine, establishing a powerful presence that is always refined and non-overbearing.

panoramic minimalism 5

veranda and outdoor spaces

The veranda of the house is located just above the rear garden and takes shape as a strategic element in the architectural design. From the veranda, one can see the hills of Galilee, with their comforting peace and quiet.

The living room opens onto a large terrace in the rear garden, with bespoke furniture designed by the architect himself. The terrace is bordered by the garden, creating an inviting and relaxing look. The spacious windows in the living room overlook the terrace and the garden, and the minimalist profiles give the impression of one large open space, the exterior and the interior merging in perfect harmony, even though they retain their distinct identities. In order to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, the facings of the interior walls and ceilings are duplicated on the exterior, accentuating the overall character of the design.

plaid perforations decorate shira ben ezra's minimalist home in israel

panoramic minimalism 6

panoramic minimalism 7

project info:

Name: Panoramic Minimalist

architect: Chira Ben-Ezra

location: Moshav Achihud, Galilee, Israel

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