August 10, 2019

Building Loans

The other option is construction loans. You can see this as a form of cash credit. Here you only pay interest on the part of the loan that is actually used. The interest rate is variable and when the construction is completed, the final financing takes place.

The downside is that here you have to pay double on registration and loan fees. In addition, you do not know the final cost of the loan, as the interest rate here is fluctuating.

The advantage is that it can be customized and that you do not borrow more than you need.


Alternatives to Medium Financing

  • Collateral

If you have multiple loans in the home, collecting these loans can be an advantage for you. That way you can get a larger amount of money available, and that way you can afford to take out a loan if needed for the new renovation. Read more about collateral loans.

  • Equity

If you have a high home value, you can take advantage of this and replace home loans or other bank loans with a higher interest rate, with a mortgage that has lower costs.


More options for renovation loans

More options for renovation loans

If you do not have a home value in your home because you, for example. lives in a rental home and needs a loan for renovation. Then you can consider a private loan. 
Here you do not have the opportunity to borrow more than millions, but it is possible to borrow up to DKK 250,000.

If you live for rent, keep in mind that a loan for a renovation will not affect the value of your home. Therefore, it may be more appropriate to upgrade something in the home if you live in a condominium or owner-occupied home.

For example, if must sell your home 1-2 years after you renovate your kitchen and the kitchen cost $ 35,000, this money will be included in the full amount you get when you sell. Subject to what the housing market looks like at the given time, as inflation has a lot to say.

At Redhat Loans you can compare different private loans and find the one that suits you best. Here, you can choose installment-free months at some banks, so you can for example. can afford children’s birthday presents.

One thing to keep in mind when taking out consumer loans is OPP. 
The OPP is responsible for annual costs as a percentage. This is a good indicator of whether it is worth paying the loan or not.


Approval of renovation loans


The bank needs some different information about the redevelopment in order to assess the maximum mortgage / bank loan you can get. There are things like:

  • Offer from contractor / artisan
  • Description of the project
  • Timeline of the project
  • Expected costs