Bring the sun inside with these 4 simple decorating ideas


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As summer approaches, everyone can’t wait to spend more time outdoors soaking up the sun. Now is also the perfect time to transform your interior design to reflect additional daylight and brightness to the outdoors. If you are ready to bring more sun inside this season, here are four great ways to easily update your decor for a lighter, brighter feel.

Clean up and rearrange

While it’s not as fun as buying new decor, a simple cleaning and rearrangement can go a long way in making your home brighter and brighter. Make sure your windows are washed and vegetation is cut outside. Next, take a look at the layout of your furniture in the room – is something big blocking windows or light sources? Moving your sofas and chairs in front of windows, rather than in front of or next to them, can add an unexpected amount of light to the room. Finally, consider swapping out the decor with darker tones (like rugs and pillows) in favor of neutral or bright and bold hues.

New window treatments

Once you’ve revamped and cleaned your room, there are several easy ways to brighten it up! Consider replacing your window treatments, especially if they are dark or heavy. Sheer curtains in a variety of neutral or patterned styles can be an easy way to maintain the visual interest of a window treatment without blocking light. Clear panels are particularly effective in common rooms where privacy or darkness at night is not a factor. If you are looking for window treatments in bedrooms, consider using a dual system: one layer to block light and provide privacy in the evening, and another layer to gently filter light and help keep the room bright for long. the day. Many systems now come with both components, but creating a dual-layer system yourself is easy – cellular shades are a great option for the back layer, and a clear panel in the front keeps some visual interest during the day. the day.

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Add prisms and mirrors

If your light sources are limited, use mirrors and prisms to reflect and diffuse the light that enters inside! Strategic positioning mirrors is an easy way to add depth and light to spaces like narrow hallways and interior rooms – consider placing a large mirror at the end of a hallway or horizontally along the wall in a dark room. Adding smaller mirrors alongside artwork on the walls can also bring more light to the space. Make sure your mirrors have thin or light colored frames so that they don’t add visual weight to the wall. In spaces without room for mirrors, hanging prisms are a simple and aesthetic decoration solution to bring more light inside. Use fine fishing line to hang prisms at different heights in a central window; from a distance, the prisms will seem suspended in the air! You can also find prism decorations that are prefabricated.

Think fresh!

Besides allowing more light to enter your home with the tips above, using cool touches in your decor is the best way to make your room feel like it is full of sunlight. If you have a room that needs more light, place a fresh flower arrangement in a prominent location; choose large, tropical leaves and full blossoms like hydrangeas will create a feeling of abundance and life. Using other cool items can also add brightness to your room. Place a large clear bowl filled with lemons in a room that needs an extra sunburn, or add clear jars with indoor water gardens along window sills or the ledges of your home.

A few simple updates can help brighten up your home in no time, letting you soak up the sun whether you’re indoors or outdoors this season.

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