‘Breaking Work 4.0’ – Architecture design competition launched by UNI.

Challenge to design for changing work trends in coworking.

Coworking spaces are a boon for offices that work remotely and still need a desk for some of their functions. It provides the infrastructure required for an office without having to fully dedicate to it or waste the space that other full-time businesses need. Coworking spaces have increased in demand and popularity for their benefits. This demand started with the change in work culture around the world, moving from traditional workspaces to more flexible and cost-effective modes. This has boosted productivity and proven to be sustainable for all businesses.

But the disadvantages of isolation that come with this business have a significant impact on this industry.

Coworking is usually for businesses, but it can also be used to bring individual professionals together. With creative individuals often working as freelancers, mostly from home or in a set-up studio, coworking designed to suit the environments they need would attract people looking for joint work.

How can coworking be conducive to creativity?

A coworking space must create a balance between various important factors and focus on specific areas according to its occupants, which reduces the functional aspects of the installation.

The “Breaking Work 4.0” architectural design competition has been launched inviting participants from around the world to submit design ideas for a coworking space for creative professionals from different fields. Organized by UNI, a global network of architects and designers, the competition aims to create a comfortable and practical facility with services accessible to all.

The judges include eminent professionals such as Pawel Garus & Jerzy Wozniak (Founders- mode:lina, Poland) with other UNI experts. The jury will be looking for applications that take into account:

Balance Aesthetics and functionality must be balanced to create a mixture of semi-open and closed spaces.

Interior Layout, furniture, lighting, material palette and other systems will follow a particular theme to create a working atmosphere.

Harmony There should be consistency in the design of the office with the surrounding context as well as the interior theme.

The context The design must meet the (existing) site conditions. The broader socio-cultural, economic and environmental frameworks must be taken into account in the design approach.

Contest entries close on May 02, 2022. The winners will be announced on June 30, 2022 which will be published on the UNI website and various social media channels. Click here to learn more about the competition.

UNI brings together the largest number of design challenges in the world organized by the world’s best academics and architectural professionals. With over 200,000 registered members, UNI connects the academic and professional spheres of architecture through a unique web-based knowledge-sharing platform.

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