Billings Parade of Homes 2022 starts this weekend | New

BILLING, Mountain. — The Hto me Bbuilders Aassociationthe H.BAEast welcome this year Parade of Homes is happening this weekend and next.

What better way to see the latest at home design trends that Billings Parade of Home?

For 32 years, entrepreneurs, Suppliers, and interior designers were able to present the latest trends in the housing market.

This year, potential buyers can see eight different homes scattered across Magic VSity. A part of who can be purchased.

CEO of the H.B.A.Kimberly Welzenbach said there is something for everyone this year.

“Seventy percent of people who attend is looking for their own design ideas — things to do with their own home interiors and generally from a decorating standpoint — others come looking for homes for sale or to get ideas on what they want to build — they’re also looking for specific builders if they see a style design they like — usually they’ll have a conversation with that builder.” Says Kimberley.

Kimberly said most of what is seen inside the house and outside can be purchased locally.

She adds, even with supply chain issues, people aren’t being put off buying the latest styles for their homes.

For those who are hesitant to buy a house right now Dfriend Forder, who is in the real estate business, recount we, although a majority of the nation sees an increase in prices for the housing market, average houses to buy and build Montana are fairly moderately priced.

“Honestly, it’s always a good time to buy regardless. I mean Montana doesn’t follow much of the trends that the east and more of the west have, like big cities and so it’s going like that, it is still on an uptrend it is always a good time to buy, especially right now.” says Damian.

Billings Parade of Home Website (Click here)

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