Barnstable school committee delays vote on BHS mascot logo

Option 2

Barnstable’s school committee presented a progress report on their summer homework on Wednesday, but with just three of five members in attendance, the committee voted 3-0 to defer voting on final images of the new Red Hawk logo until ‘in August.

Barbara Dunn presented two options – the two preferred among a student survey and a school subcommittee she chairs. She stressed that the subcommittee is made up of a wide variety of members, with representatives from many stakeholders, “not just two or three people”.

The subcommittee decided to stick with the idea of ​​asking BHS art students to design the logo, Dunn said. Matt Kemp, chairman of the art department of BHS, spoke at the May meeting of the subcommittee.

“He clarified that the students would provide some kind of inspirational design before sending it to the technical professionals” for further development and final production, Dunn said. “What you see tonight is this inspiring piece.”

Graphic designer Noreen Jones, systems media specialist at B2B TV22, adapted one of the two most popular versions by adding words to it, Dunn said. “Whatever we decide can be changed; we can adjust whatever we think needs to be adjusted about the options.”

“They are so different,” said Vice President Kathy Bent. “I wonder if we should have a full committee here for this. I hesitate to make that choice with just three of us.”

Dunn and Judge agreed.

“I think it’s too big to vote for just three of us” to decide, Dunn said.

The judge said he would like to see the designs in additional color options, get more public comment and delay another month “to get it right.”

“I don’t know if we need a public inquiry,” Bent said. “The Barnstable Patriot did a great job covering our meetings. I’m sure someone is watching over there.”

Mayo-Brown said it was already too late in the year to implement a design change for fall school sports uniforms, and “we are also getting really close for winter; it There is such a significant delay. If you delay it within a month, it may mean that the winter athletic uniforms would not include the mascot or logo, “but rather the BHS lettering.

“It was such a controversial issue at the start,” Bent said. “The fact that there are only two members here, I think that puts a lot of pressure on the three of us.”

“I just think it’s a good start, but I’m not ready to vote,” Judge said.

The school committee is tentatively scheduled to vote on the final logo on August 4, when additional color options for both models will be presented.

Maybe then “we can do something to uncover it when the kids get back to school,” Mayo-Brown said.

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