Bar Cart Ideas: 10 Inspirational Ways To Have Fun At Home

Bar cart ideas and style tips are the perfect solution for an impromptu fun time, as it takes up much less space than a built-in home bar.

Entertainment season is well and truly upon us, and while it may not be the same this year, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate, even if you find yourself without company.

Our selection of the best bar cart ideas, from the smallest for compact spaces to bar carts that can be used outdoors in the summer, should cover all of your interior design and bar ideas needs. residence.

Bar Cart Ideas – 10 Styling Ideas For Your Home Bar

The location of a bar cart is entirely dependent on the shape and layout of your home, but you can have one in the corner of your living room or basement ideas, or incorporate a home bar into your home. your kitchen ideas – there are so many options to consider when placing and styling a bar cart.

1. Set up a station for drinks and snacks

Bar cart ideas with decorations

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A stocked beverage station not only creates a stunning decorative moment, but allows guests to serve themselves, relieving the host of the pressure! Don’t forget the staples – an ice bucket, alcohol base and blenders, a supply of spare glasses and bottles of sparkling wine. Incorporate a few extras such as napkins, straws and toppings. Prepare a cocktail and pour a few glasses ready for the guests on arrival.

2. Keep it clean with a small bar cart on wheels

Bar cart ideas for tiny homes

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Small rooms can still benefit tremendously from these bar cart ideas – you just need to consider its size and location. Therefore, avoid placing your bar cart in a high traffic area, even if you want it to be the center of attention. We recommend keeping it neatly tucked to the side or corner of a room – you can always unroll it when everyone wants a refill.

3. Place a bar cart in an entryway

Lobby bar cart ideas

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Since the bar cart will inevitably be a gathering place, you can also use its position to direct people to different parts of your home. Avoid bottlenecks like the kitchen or living room, and consider placing the bar cart in your entryway or foyer ideas. After all, who wouldn’t want a drink as soon as they step into the party?

4. Stay on trend with a rattan bar cart

Library rattan bar cart

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The new trend of bar trolleys that give texture to a pattern has precipitated a revival in all forms of weaving, from ’70s-inspired wicker to rattan.

Dating back to the days of the British Empire and traditionally used to adorn verandas, classic rattan furniture exudes timeless elegance. The denser the weave, the more wear resistant the bar cart will be.

However, rattan bar carts are popular mainly because of their appearance. The classic texture of woven rattan is instantly recognizable, highly sophisticated and guaranteed to be on-trend for years to come. Perfectly blending country chic and modern minimalism, the design effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any garden or outdoor space.

5. Set up a drinks cart for the guests

Bar cart ideas for guests

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Set up a drinks cart as a makeshift home bar idea to encourage guests to help themselves and make their favorite cocktails. Or, rather than uprooting the guests after dinner, why not bring them the late-night drinks?

6. Create a feeling of occasion at home

Bar cart ideas for the holiday season

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It’s fair to say that bar cart ideas have a time. With the majority of us spending more and more time at home, we no longer seek refuge in an expensive bar or pub. We want the entertainment value that comes from these establishments – just from the comforts of our humble homes.

“So here is my advice,” says interior designer Jonathan Adler. “Buy a bar and watch your life transform. Suddenly you are no longer Mildred from accounting or Henry from HR. You are Swinging Milly or Swanky Hank. A bar, you will discover it, will make you the toast of the party.

7. Start the party with an entertainment area

Bar cart ideas for parties and celebrations

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A home bar cart means swagger – it makes young people look sophisticated and old people look young. Getting a bar cart is almost a rite of passage – it indicates you’ve stepped into your James Bond years, but it’s a lot cheaper than an Aston Martin! Of course, a bar cart is fun and versatile piece of furniture. Here, bright colors and oversized balloons bring quirky glamor to the space.

8. Use natural materials for a summer fun time

Bar cart ideas with cart for summer drinks

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From seagrass and bamboo to rattan and cane, natural woven textures are ideal for bringing interiors to life. A trolley is ideal for summer entertaining and this rattan woven pattern has an elegant rustic look. Pair it with your favorite drinks and colorful serving dishes for the ultimate party feel.

9. Greet guests in the garden

Bar cart ideas for gardens

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Even the host who needs it most needs a break from enjoying the party, so stock up a beverage station and let the guests help themselves. Premix a cocktail, store spare glasses and spare bottles underneath and don’t forget the ice! A bar cart is not only a glamorous touch, but also easy to move around when guests follow the sun or shade. Pair it with a lantern or outdoor lamp for a lovely sunset glow.

10. Dress up a bar cart

Bar cart ideas with fairy lighting

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Set up your beverage cart with everything you need to keep serving late into the night. Put the bottles in ice-filled buckets underneath and dress the top up with your fanciest glasses and decanters. Add battery-powered string lights to give it that extra sparkle, and spin it around so guests don’t even have to leave the room.

What else can you put on a bar cart other than alcohol?

Surprisingly, bar carts can be used for more than just alcohol. Some of our favorite bar cart ideas have cute additions, such as fresh flowers, attractive serving platters, and even books. Yes, why not turn your bar cart into a book cart?

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