Art-inspired Durham building combines a calm lifestyle with an urban connection

Ideal for first-time buyers wanting a peaceful but connected environment, a new construction in Courtice goes all out.

With the title of the community’s first mid-height, Mondria 1 of Monde Development Group is poised to rise in the charming pocket of Durham, one of Ontario’s fastest growing regions.

Priced competitively with Toronto’s towers, and offering its future residents (and investors) top-notch value, the project presents an ideal opportunity for those looking to enter the ground floor of an emerging neighborhood. booming.

And when downtown Toronto calls, residents won’t have to waste time missing the hustle and bustle – new nearby GO stations will make it easier to get to the heart of the city.

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To stand just west of the intersection of Tullis Road and Highway 2, Mondria 1 will offer treetop views coupled with easy access to restaurants, shops, lounges and activities. Plus, the building’s downtown location means proximity to community gatherings and events, including farmers’ markets, craft breweries, horse riding centers, golf courses, wineries and beyond.

For those with a green thumb (or rather a foot?), There is no shortage of ponds, parks and trails in the region, offering countless possibilities to immerse themselves in nature.

Just as beauty and function combine in the area surrounding the construction, these aspects also meet within Mondria 1 itself. The floors will be color themed, the names of the suites will be inspired by Modernist art movements, and overall the residence will appeal to ‘those looking for something a little out of the ordinary’.

In fact, the name of the project itself – Mondria – is inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, “whose commitment to simplifying and creating essential beauty is part of Mondrian’s core aesthetic”.

The project’s slogan, “Live the Art”, maintains this essence.

Mondria 1 roof rendering

All carrying this sense of art, specific condo amenities will include a rooftop patio with surrounding greenery, wellness facilities, a ballroom, lobby lounge, and guest suites. For residential suites, choices will include: 1 bedroom; 1 bedroom + boudoir; two-story units; and offers of three rooms.

Rendering of the Mondria 1 suite

And of course, as is the case with new builds these days, smart technology will be an integral part of Mondria 1.

A partnership with 1valet of Toronto will allow residents to – literally – open their doors with a smile, via the “most advanced secure biometric systems” in the world. To ensure everyone’s privacy is secure at the same time, residents will control building access to their biometric data.

Smartphones will be able to control the climate, while each suite will learn, adapt and save energy according to the lifestyles of each resident. High-speed internet will surge into areas including the construction co-working space, opening the doors to a change of scenery while the work is still being done.

Render of the Mondria 1 party room

Being a happy 12 year old, World Development Group offers the ideal combination of insight and freshness in the industry, and has laid a solid foundation of detail-driven projects in Oakville, Port Credit, Mississauga and downtown Toronto.

The new Courtice project – backed by Baker Real Estate Incorporated – brings new levels of excellence, innovation and resident-focused care.

Rendering of the Mondria 1 wellness area

“Our passion for excellence drives us; our commitment to quality and integrity keeps us humble; our agility and our willingness to innovate set us apart, ”says Maj Hamid, founder and CEO of Monde Development Group, on the project website.

Every aspect of construction, from cement to interior painting, is carefully selected to ensure that we meet or exceed Ontario building codes, stay within budget guidelines, and also stay committed to project details. large scale than we are on smaller scale constructions.

Render Mondria 1

From the foundation of the project to his interior painting choices, a meticulous curation can be expected from Monde.

Accessible, ideally located and officially available, first-time buyers and good tailors don’t need to look any further. The Mondria 1 in Courtice awaits you to welcome you to your home.

Mondria 1 suites are officially available for booking. To claim your future home, click here.

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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