Animal Crossing Player recreates the Kwik-e-Mart from The Simpsons

The An Animal Crossing: New Horizon player has shared a perfect recreation of the iconic Kwik-e-Mart convenience store from The Simpsons.

A Animal Crossing: New Horizons player paid tribute to The simpsons this week with a recreation of the show’s Kwik-e-Mart. The game received a significant amount of new content last November with the animal crossing Update 2.0, as well as the first paid DLC of the game, interior decoration game Good family paradise. Originally published in March 2020, New Horizons sold over 32 million copies and became one of the best-selling Nintendo games of all time.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons the gameplay already includes a lot of construction and design – players are given an entire island, as well as the interior of their home, to decorate as they see fit. The game’s DLC Good family paradise brings these elements to the forefront, tasking players with designing vacation homes for the game’s anthropomorphic animal villagers and NPCs. This DLC added many new architectural options and design capabilities, such as accent walls, pillars and counters. Between these additions and the massive amount of items added in the animal crossing 2.0, gamers have many options to bring their ideas to life.


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twitter user gubblypie recently shared a brilliant recreation of the Kwik-e-Mart, the iconic convenience store in The simpsons. Their design is incredibly detailed, with clever use of animal crossing items to replicate the store as it is in the show. There’s a Squishee machine behind the counter, custom panels that perfectly recreate the store’s automatic sliding glass door, and the use of the game’s Frozen-Foods freezer wall in the background will remind everyone. The Simpsons fan of when the character Jasper froze in an attempt to time travel.

animal crossing: New Horizons undoubtedly provided gamers with the most number of design possibilities compared to other entries in the series. Between the extensive catalog of items, the new architectural options introduced in Good family paradise, and new items that expand the possibilities for players to use custom models, players have more options than ever before. This lead to New Horizons become one of the most active creative communities in gaming, with millions of players sharing their designs and drawing inspiration from each other.

This wonderful recreation of Kwik-e-Mart is indicative of the abundant imaginative vision within the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fandom. With the abundance of options available to players, new building ideas and clever decorating tricks are seemingly constantly being discovered. Each week, new brilliant recreations of famous settings and locations are shared by players, from which other users can draw inspiration and support to create something entirely new.

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Source: gubblypie/Reddit

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