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The era of dull, lifeless desks with black screens and unsightly cables is officially over. As people spend more time at home, they are more eager to personalize their home office. To provide users with a range of customization options to suit any lifestyle, Samsung Electronics has added four new colors to the Smart Monitor M8 range that liven up any space.

The four colors Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue, and Spring Green were inspired by the theme “Shades of Nature”. These soft pastel colors can improve your mood at home, whether you want to feel calm and comfortable or fully energized.

Want to turn your boring desk into one with playful colors and innovative features? Samsung suggests using one of the four colors of the Smart Monitor M8 to create a personalized “office interior”, “office” and “indoor” coat rack. Read on to find out how this colorful upgrade can refresh your office space in style.

Invigorate your home office with Spring Green

After a long day working remotely, you can bring your eyes back to life with the M8 Smart Monitor in Spring Green. By choosing office supplies in different shades of pastel green, you can transform your space into a playful, botanical-inspired sanctuary.

The Smart Monitor M8 handles all your necessary tasks without the need for a separate PC or laptop, allowing you to create a neat and clean office. The M8 Smart Monitor lets you search the internet, check email and access Microsoft 3651 simply by connecting to Wi-Fi. Conveniently, you can continue your work by logging into your account and uploading files directly to the cloud. The most notable benefit of the Smart Monitor M8 is that you can remotely access your work desk and remain as nimble and productive as you were in the office.

Video conferencing while working from home is now a breeze, as the Smart Monitor M8 comes with a SlimFit Cam that can be easily attached or detached from the monitor at any time. Additionally, Eye Saver Mode reduces blue light, the main culprit of eye strain, and Flicker Free ensures a comfortable viewing experience by reducing screen flicker. Not only does the design and color of Smart Monitor M8 minimize eye strain, but the screen itself helps protect your vision and improve work efficiency.

Make the most of your leisure time with Daylight Blue

With the Smart Monitor M8 you can decorate a space dedicated to your favorite hobbies, accompanied by the color Daylight Blue. Enhance your bedroom with travel memorabilia, trinkets or celebrity items in complementary shades of blue to create the ultimate desk that expresses your unique personality.

Smart Monitor M8’s next-level connectivity with your mobile device can help you watch your favorite content on a bigger screen. Simply connect your smartphone to the Smart Monitor using Tap View or Screen Mirroring. With just the click of a button, you can be instantly transported to another country or to your favorite singer’s concert, all thanks to the monitor’s large screen and rich picture quality. Samsung DeX also enables multitasking and turns your smartphone into a touchpad. By using two screens at once, you can take an online drawing class or watch videos from your favorite band on a bigger screen while using your phone as your phone.

The Smart Monitor series also benefits from Apple AirPlay2 integration, which allows users to easily view movies, music and photos stored on their smartphones or laptops on the big screen.

Relax in your home theater with warm white

After a busy day, one of the best ways to recharge and relax is to stream your favorite movies in a home theater. For a cozy atmosphere, you can pair your monitor’s warm white color with wood accents to warm your space and feel comfortable.

Smart Monitor M8’s flat-back design with 11.4mm thickness utilizes your space more efficiently and maintains a minimalist cafe-like aesthetic so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sweet treat while listening to your favorite shows.

You can create your perfect home theater using only Smart Monitor M8 as it offers a wide range of OTT services2 like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Samsung TV Plus on the big screen. There’s also no need for a keyboard or mouse to watch a movie. The Samsung Smart Monitor Remote lets you use the up, down, left, and right buttons on the remote to control the mouse cursor from your sofa or bed.

Other features that make the viewing experience even more satisfying include the device’s UHD resolution, HDR10+ support, 2.2-channel stereo speakers, and Adaptive Sound+, which automatically analyzes the monitor’s surroundings. to optimize sound quality. Are you worried about your posture when watching TV? The Smart Monitor M8 includes a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) and tilt functionality, allowing users to find the perfect position for binge watching.

Celebrate Spring with Sunset Pink

For flower fans, the M8 Smart Monitor in Sunset Pink instantly transports you to a cherry blossom festival in full bloom. Adding a white vase of beautiful flowers to your office creates a bright, upbeat atmosphere perfect for any home.

If you are inspired by floral scent and fancy a song for spring, the Smart Monitor M8 is a perfect solution. Even if your monitor is off, you can still play a perfect spring song by talking to Bixby. The Smart Monitor M8’s built-in microphone lets you control your device with just your voice, so you can focus on your hobbies, like writing or drawing, instead of using a keyboard or mouse.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 complements your daily life and personal style to make your space more colorful. Whatever your daily routine, you can use the Smart Monitor M8’s extensive color options to personalize your space and express your individuality. From hobbies to home theater, the Smart Monitor M8 can turn your boring desk into a vibrant office interior, perfect for adding a splash of color to any space.

1 A Microsoft 365 account is required

2 Service availability may vary by region.

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