AD Publishers Share 8 of Their Favorite Indigenous Businesses

It’s no secret that we love a good shopping spree here at AD and Clever, and if we get to know innovative creators and entrepreneurs while we’re doing it, all the more reason to splurge! To kick off Native American Heritage Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite Native businesses to shop for decor, wellness items, accessories and more. From stylish textiles to beauty shopping and homewares galore, read on for complete exclusivity on a few of the products we know and love (or have added to our personal wishlists). Good shopping!

We also strongly encourage you to check out/donate to a few of these great organizations and resources dedicated to building Native American communities:

“You can never have too much art in your home, so I’m always on the lookout for new pieces to frame and hang. Aly McKnight’s watercolors recently caught my eye for their soft lines and bold subjects. Each work could serve as an ideal element in a gallery wall, like this one Guided by the Ancestors piece, because it’s quiet and understated, but once you see it, you’ll never forget it.” —Megan Wahn, Associate Business Writer

Guided by Ancestors Print

“As soon as I saw Bison Star Naturals corn shaped soap bars, I was hooked. Who doesn’t like a thing that has the shape of another thing? Of course, the Taos-based brand offers more than just plant-based foam and also offers a line of lotions, liquid soaps, lip balms, and apparel, among other goodies. Launched by husband and wife duo Angelo and Jacquelene McHorse, the brand uses naturally sourced, local and organic ingredients in its products. —Katherine McLaughlin, Associate Digital Features Editor

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Star Naturals Bison Corn Soap Bundle

“As we are rapidly emerging from summer, I like to contrast my dark winter clothes with a pop of color to keep me looking vibrant throughout the winter season. Designer Bethany Yellowtail first caught my eye with its vibrant color palette and striking patterns used in its floral scarves. B. Yellowtail is a Los Angeles-based brand that is proudly owned by women and Native Americans. Placing indigenous design at the forefront of its creative process, the brand explores clothing, accessories and home decor!” —Andrea Lewis, Assistant to the Global Editorial Director

Image may contain: clothing, rug, pattern and embroidery

B.Yellowtail Kaale Floral Scarves

“Words of affirmation are my love language, so I always have a drawer full of cards ready to send when the mood strikes. This Gordon Coons set really spoke to me – the description notes that” the image depicts the healing of people painted in the Ojibwa Woodland Arts style. Louise Erdrich, a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and an award-winning author, writer, and poet, Native Arts bookstore (part of Birchbark Books in Minneapolis) presents “the fine work of selected contemporary works by Indigenous artists from North America.’ —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

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Birchbark Native Arts Ginanaadawi’igoom We Heal You Card Set

“Bath time is sacred in my home, and this bath is a recipe for serenity. There are three blends to choose from, but my choice would be the rosehip and jasmine combo which also includes Dead Sea salt, Utah salt, Epsom salt, dendritic salt, Himalayan pink salt, coconut powder, oatmeal powder, bentonite clay, coconut powder, witch hazel, and aloe powder. I’m happy to share that this plant-based skincare brand is a Native American-owned company that formulates its products with traditional ingredients used by native cultures. Another bonus is that everything is paraben, phthalate, BPA and sulfate free.—Sydney Gore, Digital Design Editor

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Soaking in the healing waters of aboriginal arts with birch bark

“It’s easy to spruce up every room in your home with Winnipeg-based interior designer Destiny Seymour’s eye-catching collection of home accessories. Transforming textiles into chic cushions, table linens, quilts and more, Stephanie drew inspiration from patterns created by her Anishinaabe ancestors in hopes of seeing these patterns in modern homes. The hand-printed Moon pillow is a particularly elegant design, made from natural linen with details in copper and white ink. —Audrey Lee, Business Writer

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Dibiki-Giizis (Moon) Indigo Arrows Pillow

“My sofa has unfortunately been without pillows for much longer than I’d like to admit, and I’m looking to fix that in the coming weeks. I want something comfy that will help fill the sofa in some way. eye-catching yet subtle. Lucky for me, Indigo Arrows has a great selection of minimal print cushions which I think will do the job just fine. I’m particularly eyeing their moon pillows in copper and black, but I’ll have to maybe snag a few of their ASIN stone pillows for my bed as well.—Megan Wahn, Associate Business Writer

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Indigo Arrows ASIN (rock) Pillow

“Founded in 2017, Maida is a collective of Indigenous and Indo-Hispano artists. The ever-evolving project is described as an “expression of ancestry, homecoming, forced and chosen diaspora, learned and lost memory, recovery and preservation.” Since it’s the time of year when blankets become your closest companions, why not invest in one that’s both beautiful and ethical? Maida’s exclusive Martínez Blanket collection is made in collaboration with Suzie Garcia, who weaves them by hand on a Rio Grande loom in Nambé, New Mexico. The wool is hand dyed with endemic natural dyes (cota flower, chokecherry, indigo and cochineal) by Maida Branch and Johnny Ortiz. —Sydney Gore, Digital Design Editor

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Maida Goods María Luz (Martinez cover)

“Sage and Oats soap and shampoo bars are made with all-natural ingredients like organic goat’s milk, avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil, so you know they won’t add any unwanted chemicals to your bath routine.With psychedelic color designs that make them as great to wear as they are to wear, the hardest part should be choosing the fragrances, including including aromatic sage and sweetgrass, which you’ll want to try first.—Audrey Lee, Business Writer

Authentic Sage Oatmeal Soap/Shampoo Bar (3 Pack)

“I’m a sucker for all things stationery and believe the right postage stamp can take handwritten correspondence to the next level. I love these foiled stamps from the native-owned Trickster Company that depict a raven – fittingly, the trickster in northern Northwest Coast traditions. Whether you frame them alone or, like me, use them to liven up your envelopes, they beat boring Forever stamps any day of the week. —Lila Allen, Managing Editor, AD PRO

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Trickster Company Raven Story Stamp Signature Sheets

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