ACNH’s rotten tree and other items villagers won’t keep in their homes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have noticed that some items, like the decayed tree to craft, never seem to appear in villager houses.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have noticed that some items, like the craftable Rotten Tree, never seem to spawn in villager homes. Villagers usually use the items they get as gifts: they put on clothes that the player hands them and display furniture that players send in the mail. It may disappoint a particularly customization-oriented island representative to gift a villager an item that they think matches their house aesthetic well, expecting to see it in their house the next day, for find that it never appears. But they shouldn’t be too surprised, because there are patterns in the exceptions the villagers make.


There have always been limits to influencing a animal crossing villager house design. It was impossible in the series to get an animal neighbor to change their carpet or wallpaper from the original GameCube animal crossing – much to the chagrin of ACNH players who dislike the simple house interiors that the first three villagers on an island receive. They never left items without suitable furniture models, such as stationery packs, in their homes.

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What causes them to discriminate against furniture like the Rotten Tree, however, is size. Villagers often move to islands with large furniture in their homes – but are unlikely to use the same decor if they get it from players. Whereas New Horizons allows free movement on its map, the placement of objects and other objects in the game is based on tiles. A villager is reasonably likely to display an item that takes up one or two tiles of space, especially if it is small enough to place on a table. But decorations like the Rotten Tree take up four tiles each, and other furniture can take up nine tiles. Space preferences based on the number of tiles may also explain why villagers never place rugs in their homes, even though a decorator’s ability to place furniture on them means they are easy to install almost never. anywhere in a room.

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As with large items, villagers rarely use wall or ceiling decorations that do not come with the default versions of their houses. Decorations like lamps hanging from the ceiling and lanterns came into being with Animal Crossing: New HorizonsLast fall’s 2.0 update, which perhaps just didn’t add the ability for villagers to account for their caps. During this time, villagers may avoid using wall decorations due to the AI’s potential difficulty in finding ideal locations for these items. Different types of wallpaper feature different styles, sizes and locations of features such as windows and decorative mouldings, which means it’s easy for a wall feature that seems naturally placed in a home to look out of place in the same place. another one.

It might seem a shame that there’s no way an island resident could turn Lucky the mummified dog’s home into a spooky forest of rotting trees, or get Wolfgang the wolf to display an entire skeleton. of triceratops as he did in the original. animal crossing. But even in a highly customizable game like Animal Crossing: New Horizonsit’s fair to draw a few lines and allow villagers to retain some control over their spaces.

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