9 bedroom design ideas to decorate around a navy blue sofa

You have a lot of choices when decorating around a navy sofa. If you bought a navy sofa for a living room, but now want to give your space a completely different look, it can be daunting to design around pre-existing furniture. Fortunately, your navy sofa can change moods like a chameleon to find a home in many different designs.

You will need to consider not only the color palette but also other living room furniture ideas to go with. After all, just because you keep your couch doesn’t mean you can’t change the rest of your scheme.

To inspire you, we’ve put together 9 different schemes each using a navy sofa to show off the kind of styles you could try.

10 bedroom design ideas to decorate around a navy blue sofa

Navy sofas are a popular choice because they are so versatile and can be paired with so many color schemes and interior styles. In different schemes, a navy sofa can look like a bold, or almost neutral, color choice.

From neutral schemes to colorful room ideas, these 9 real-life spaces show the range of a navy sofa you can explore.

1. Pair a navy sofa with a mix of textures

a white living room with a navy blue sofa

(Image credit: Francis Amiand. Design: Humbert & Poyet)

As important as thinking about the colors that go with navy blue, it’s important to consider the textures that will complement your sofa. In this design by Parisian designers Humbert & Poyet, a variety of textures and tones create an interesting layered scheme.

“Mid-century and contemporary furnishings decorate the apartment to create a modern space that is all in harmony with the classic codes of the original architecture,” says Emil Humbert, co-founder of Humbert & Poyet. (opens in a new tab). “We have mixed noble materials such as marble, terrazzo, wood and brass, selected for their character and harmony: marble for the refinement, color and presence it brings to a space; wood for its warmth and richness; terrazzo as a modern accent and complement; and brass to highlight and contrast other materials.

The bespoke blue sofa was designed for the apartment, while a matching accent chair in a textured loop acts as a foil for its blue velvet.

2. Try gray for a stylish backdrop

a blue sofa in a gray living room

(Image credit: Brotherton Lock. Design: Albion Nord)

A navy blue sofa is a great choice to spruce up a gray living room, especially if you combine the right shades of blue and gray. For a balanced look, choose your gray to even out the tone of your navy blue sofa, as shown in this London home design by Albion Nord (opens in a new tab). While the walls and trim are painted in Farrow & Ball’s much-loved downspout, the fabric panels behind the artwork have a warmer tone.

For a navy blue with cooler tones, try a warmer gray for balance, while a warmer version of navy will balance better with a gray with more blue tones.

3. Up the glam factor with navy velvet

a glamorous living room with a navy blue sofa

(Image credit: Greg Natale)

Navy blue lends itself well to a glamorous and luxurious living room scheme when mixed with the right materials. Brass, marble, plush textiles and opulent prints can all elevate a navy sofa into new realms, as this decadent room design shows.

“I wanted to create something really moody and glamorous for this New York apartment living space,” says interior designer Greg Natale. (opens in a new tab). “By choosing dark, tonal colors like navy, it creates a really polished and refined space,” he adds.

“I love using wallpaper on the ceilings so I clarified that he then mirrored that with a larger exaggerated pattern for the rug choice.”

4. Opt for a refined and elegant look

a luxurious living space with a navy blue sofa

(Image credit: Pati Robins. Design: Cherie Lee Interiors)

Taking a less is more approach, while still focusing on luxury, will take your navy sofa to a place that’s more stylish than glamorous.

In designing this converted UK mansion, interior designer Cherie Lee (opens in a new tab) used a navy blue sofa for a stylish living room as part of a larger open-plan space.

Paired with traditional hardwood floors, white walls, marble and a crystal chandelier, the navy sofa is elevated and brings a pop of color that enlivens the space.

5. Use blue on blue for a modern scheme

a blue sofa in a restaurant design

(Image credit: Greg Natale)

When you have a navy sofa, your first thought for the walls might not be so navy blue. However, this blue tonal living room idea can work really well.

You have two choices. Going tone-on-tone with navy blue layered over other shades, maybe a light blue or even a green-blue teal will ensure your sofa always stands out, while the complete match from sofa to walls will make it disappear, like in this modern design scheme from Greg Natale.

“I first imagined this space completely tone on tone with indigo blue”, explains Greg, “but after some discussions with the client, I decided to soften the blue with the ombre effect mixing indigo in the white walls and ceiling. The final feeling is very immersive and cocooning!’

6. Create a playful palette around a navy sofa

a colorful living room with a navy blue sofa

(Image credit: Alan Tansey. Design: MKCA)

When combined with a fun pastel color palette, a navy sofa takes on a completely different energy, as shown in this colorful living room idea created by Michael K. Chen of design studio MKCA. (opens in a new tab).

With pink walls and green floor tiles making up the color factor in this space, you’d think a dark navy sofa would feel like a dull spot. Yet in reality, the colorful environment seems to play on the blue, while balancing the sweet pastels, which could read slightly childish, to ensure that this cozy still feels like a grown-up space.

7. Or go for grown-up jewelry tones

a jewel colored living room with a navy blue sofa

(Image credit: Ruth Maria. Design: Kingston Lafferty)

From emerald green to amethyst, jewel tones pair naturally with a navy sofa for a luxurious look.

In this project, designed by Roisin Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty Design (opens in a new tab)a complementary palette of purple, blue and green offers a refined, yet moody and dark living room full of interesting textures and materials.

“We wanted to exude a sense of rich opulence and sophistication and we wanted the richness of color to be created with natural stone,” says Roisin. “The stone in this room is full of beautiful green tones and almost becomes a natural work of art and a focal point in the room. Using natural materials as a key color insert, we have created a home that relies on color but manages to be timeless and full of character.

8. Use wood paneling with a navy sofa

navy sofa in home theater with walnut paneling

(Image credit: Patricia Goijens. Design: Dieter Vander Velpen Architects)

The cool nature of a navy sofa means it is a natural bed companion for warm wood tones. This can be particularly effective as a wall cladding idea, as seen in this cinema room created by Antwerp-based Dieter Vander Velpen Architects (opens in a new tab).

“In the home cinema, we covered all the walls with walnut panelling, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere,” says Dieter Van Velpen. An inky blue rug, dark blue velvet sofa and coffee table with Lapis Lazuli inlays add a strong splash of color and personality to the space, while black ‘Nero Marquina’ marble surrounds the fireplace complete the material palette.

The material contrasts also work well – the rich, buttery velvet creates an interesting contrast to the more rustic walnut of the paneling.

9. Create balance in a neutral scheme

a modern living room with a navy blue sofa

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty. Design: Searl Lamaster Howe Architects)

A navy sofa can become a focal point in an otherwise neutral living room, but it’s worth considering the rest of the scheme carefully, rather than just grouping a colorful sofa together in a more subdued space.

“While the color scheme of this space is neutral, there are attributes of other elements that balance the bold use of color on the sofa,” says Greg Howe, founding partner of Chicago-based Searl Lamaster Howe. (opens in a new tab). “The graphic impact of the black and white stripes on the lounge chairs is an example of this. Another is the hi-res detail of Daniel Beltra’s oversized photo on the wall.

‘The room is enveloped in south and east windows; the vivid luminosity they bring balances that of the blue while serving to highlight elements such as the rich texture of the daybed’s textile and the deep plush of the rug,” adds Greg.

Even in a neutral scheme, remember that the world outside your window is also part of your room’s color palette. “Although the blue of the sofa does not show strongly in other elements of the apartment, it is clearly an outdoor presence (at least on sunny days) with a breathtaking view of the horizon and the expanse of Lake Michigan almost directly below,” says Greg.

What colors to associate with a navy blue sofa?

One of the best ways to determine the best colors to go with a navy sofa is to look at the basics of color theory. Direct complementary colors can be difficult to use successfully in interiors, more commonly used for impactful brand logos, you may want to approach orange with caution. And while blue is considered a color that goes well with yellow, you’re more likely to see navy blue walls and a yellow sofa than the other way around.

The analogous colors on the color wheels are the ones next to each, so a navy sofa will look great with shades of blue-green like teal and emerald, as well as with purple. Navy blue and pale pink are another popular color combination, while shades of beige and brown will also create a beautiful, balanced look.

Navy is also surprisingly good with charcoal gray and black. The blue injects a bit of color and gives the scheme a bit of a boost, while still providing a moody vibe that can look really stylish.

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