7 places to find the best design trends on TikTok

Without a doubt, TikTok trends are now an integral part of the future of the internet. While the five-year-old app has its skeptics, there’s no denying its firm grip on culture, like infamous TikToker-turned-actor Addison Raes’ appearance at the Met Gala. In addition to hosting the now standard dancing, cute animals, sliding and falling videos, TikTok has also created a platform for subcultures where users can share, celebrate, and educate themselves on topics. niche of choice.

The design world is one such category, as curators, designers and even remote design curious people use the app to share their own take on the vast world of interiors. “DesignTok” is made up of a wide range of accounts, from didactics to celebration to how-tos. What sets TikTok’s design content apart from other social media is its willingness to go behind the scenes: as audiences we are invited to see beyond the finished product and take the tour, exploring how furniture is made, how beautiful interiors are created, and how designers make decisions about their decor.

New to the platform? Here are seven design accounts you should explore on TikTok. We strongly encourage our audience to explore and draw their own conclusions regarding the content created on the accounts listed below.

Isabelle Segalovitch

One of the most appealing aspects of TikTok is the way it democratizes knowledge, serving as a platform for experts on almost any topic who take the time to break down complex topics into informative and digestible clips. @interstellar_isabellar does this with what she describes as “the history of anti-authoritarian folk art,” which encompasses design, craftsmanship, etc. Not only does she educate her audience on fascinating and specific subjects like Neo-Andean architecture and Czech Cubism, but she often focuses on areas of the arts that are overlooked. She is also quick to recognize when her knowledge is limited or when she has made a mistake. Buckle up and get ready for a crash course with this one!

Cliff Tan

While you can spend way too much time on @dearmodern, the account is anything but guilty of fun. Instead, watching founder Cliff Tan’s simple, practical advice videos that explore concepts like the challenges of floor plan layout, you’ll come away more confident and able to decorate your own space. Cliff gives advice with a refreshing sense of fun and lack of judgment, rejoicing in simple acts like repositioning a bed to make it more comfortable, or taking a bland bedroom and spicing it up with affordable pops of color. , inviting us to come for the ride.

Kellie brown

For engaging content from home influencers, @andigetdressed tops the list. Multi-talented Kellie Brown, the founder of the account, first rose to prominence as a fashion blogger years ago, but has now grown in popularity for her home decor expertise with her look. vlogging style behind the scenes of the development of its space. . Incorporating both vintage and contemporary pieces, Kellie pays special attention to detail: she showcases simple but important facets of her space, like the magazines she chooses to put on her coffee table or a new quilt that ‘she bought to change her bedding. For Kellie, the story unfolds continually, as she polishes her space and takes her audience on sourcing adventures in vintage design markets.


The design takes a mysterious turn with the anonymous curatorial eye of @ enigma.curation, who explores and critiques important design moments throughout history with simple slideshows and detailed narration. Their videos touch on topics such as iconic buildings, experimental chairs, and designers throughout history, and they are a prime example of a project that began to transfer success on Instagram into meaningful use of the platform. shape of TikTok, one of the great challenges of the changing social media landscape.

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