5 playful ways to decorate with dusty pink

If you plan to decorate with powder pink, you are in for a treat. While many colors step into the spotlight of interior design and then quickly fade, blush pink is the one that stuck. “Blush pink is a soft beige pink that has been steadily popular since its first big breakthrough in the 1990s,” says Sam Baldry, Head of Design at Swoon. And when you dive deep into shadow psychology, it’s not hard to see why.

‘Pink blush is known to make us feel calm, protected, youthful and playful. These are, of course, emotions we want to feel in our own homes, so it’s no wonder we all turn to the shadows,” says interior design expert and editor Nora Mitchel. Household Advice. We swooned over all the pink bedroom ideas we could, and there are five key ways to bring out this hue in your home.

From contrasting colors to adding texture, here’s how to use dusty pink for a calming, playful, and well-balanced space.

1. Choose your rooms carefully

Pink bathroom scheme with pink tiled shower and tropical jungle wallpaper contrast and wood effect floor

(Image credit: Tile Giant)

“As a color, pink is non-threatening and safe, and after the past two years, we are looking more than ever to feel safe in our homes,” says Jo Massie, interior designer and color designer at Zhoosh Paints in Zhoosh.

The soothing effect of powder pink should determine where and how you use it in the home, we’re talking pink bathrooms and the like. “Adding dusty pink to areas like your bathroom can help us relax and feel safe while taking a bath or getting ready for a good night’s rest,” says Nora. “Bedrooms are perfect spaces for blush pink – fill the space with plants to bring the scheme to life,” says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux.

2. Follow the sun

living room with pink sofa and pink wallpaper with pretty trees and birds

(Image credit: wood chips and magnolia)

It is always helpful to consider the position of your room in relation to the sun when choosing specific shades. “Dusty pink adds warmth to a north-facing room, but it also looks clean and refined with the brightness of a south-facing room,” says Justyna, color consultant at Crown.

3. Accept how opposites attract

pink bedroom with a gold coffee table and gray bedding

(Image credit: Swoon Publishing)

If you want to make a statement with blush pink, look at the color wheel. Right across from pink is green, and when these shades are placed together, it’s a match made in heaven.

“The pink and green create a beautiful contrast that is still very easy to live with. The deep green adds a bold modern element to a soft blush pink, perfectly balancing the scheme while creating a sophisticated look,” says Justyna.

4. Stay calm

dining room with a diagonal pink color block on the wall

(Image credit: Crown)

If you’re looking for a calm vibe, choose neutral colors as your backdrop and let dusty pink be your accent, whether in pink kitchen ideas or in the living room. “Combining blush pinks with earthy tones will create a serene, spa-like space,” say the experts at UK store Hillary’s. Choose a crisp white paint to bring a touch of freshness and play with your design. Color blocking with paint is very trendy and it’s a great way to add a touch of dusty pink, without overwhelming your space.

5. Increase your textures

living room with pale pink walls, curly armchair and wooden coffee tables

(Image credit: Crown)

If you’re worried that blush pink is a little too…childish for you, one surefire way to achieve a sophisticated look is to up the ante with your textures. From exposed woods and wool throws to jute rugs and loop pillows, layer textures to bring depth and interest to your space.

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