5 design lessons in a James Bond-style home in London

No time to die, the long-awaited latest film in the James Bond franchise, is finally on big screens around the world. However, despite its excess cars, card games and vodka martinis, one thing remains very much in mind: the interiors.

So, to celebrate the release in the most appropriate way possible, we’ve noted some remarkable style lessons at a James Bond-style house – currently listed at £ 24.5million ($ 32.9million) near Notting. Hill and Kensington in London. Here are five modern decorating ideas that James Bond would surely admire.

1. Trust the trendy appeal of gray and yellow

Gray and yellow living room with natural light

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Some duos remain timeless: from 007 and Miss Moneypenny – to gray and yellow – the undisputed colors of the year this year.

After Pantone’s influential color pairing, two tones have fueled the trendiest interiors – and this townhouse is a not-so-subtle reminder of the stylish pairing.

These contemporary living room ideas combine the two hues by showcasing a predominantly gray scheme – with an injection of bright yellow through its upholstery which is illuminated by the room’s natural light. We expect this palette to endure well beyond the end of the year.

2. Consume your urban garden with a tall plant

James Bond inspired house with large tree in the balcony garden

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

City gardeners may have experimented with large and small planters before, but according to connoisseurs, bigger is always better.

In a maintenance with Livingetc, The Balcony Gardner, Isabelle Palmer explained that urban gardeners should “invest in a large pot and use all of their energy for it instead [of lots of little plants], ‘and we can see why. This garden is not only beautiful, but it’s also easy to maintain and will make a statement for seasons to come.

3. Zoning your space with glass elements

Glass room divider and spiral staircase

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

While open plan living spaces remain popular, the rise of broken plan living spaces is increasingly evident – especially in the aftermath of the pandemic – when the desire for private living and working spaces has grown. a priority.

There is, however, a way to keep the glamor of an open plan space while zoning your space – so you have privacy and style – and that is possible with glass room dividers.

This technique means that rooms continue to feel light and fresh while having separate areas for working, relaxing, dining and partying, just as James Bond intended.

4. Hang your art – on the floor

James Bond inspired house with glass room divider

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

The vibrant art carpet trend is bold and incredibly easy to go wrong. However, its boldness only makes arty rugs even more alluring.

Fortunately, however, the above rug offers unparalleled design inspiration that will encourage you to take your art from wall to floor, especially when that floor covers your secret sweatshop. We will raise a glass to this decorative trend.

5. Merge contemporary and rustic – for an escape aesthetic

Living room with escape interiors

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

It’s no secret that James Bond is a globetrotter – his missions take him to all corners of the world. However, if you are looking to create an escape setting without leaving your own four walls, then this house has the solution.

By bringing a range of rustic accessories and boldly hued lamp shapes to the forefront of the living space, this home pays homage to distant shores – and you can reflect its beauty – without investing in a plane ticket.

This six bedroom house in Bedford Gardens, London is currently listed with Knight Frank.

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