3 decorative tips to help you revamp your bedroom

From headboards and lighting to wallpaper and rugs, each element of a bedroom adds to the overall look of the space. Like Kristen Pawlak of KP Designs/Decoration of den interiors knows that interior design is a personal expression of style – that’s how she works with homeowners to incorporate their aesthetic into the spaces she creates for them.

The following bedrooms were designed for three different homes in Louisville, and each offers a distinct look and feel.

Contemporary and chic

Contemporary and chic: this bedroom set features an upholstered headboard with sheltered sides and button tufts.

Grey, white and clean lines make up this contemporary bedroom in Buechel. The client wanted an upholstered headboard with sheltered sides and button tufts, which Pawlak set against a metallic, geometric wallcovering.

“Our accent color here is a pretty goldenrod (hue),” Pawlak told the Courier Journal, pointing to the accent pillow that pops among the all-white bedding.

“Something else (the owner) wanted was a gas insert,” she added. “It changes color – it’s really cool.”

Part of the renovation included building a custom closet system, which includes clothes rails, shelves, drawers, pull-out trouser racks, and a built-in vanity.

“(The owner) can come in here in the morning (to) get ready,” Pawlak said. “It’s a nice luxury. It’s very lit, between the recessed spotlights and the LED-lit mirror. It’s all that and a bag of crisps.”

Contemporary and chic: A color-changing gas fireplace insert sits in the corner of this Buechel bedroom.

Pawlak’s pro tip when it comes to remodeling a master bedroom and closet is to be very thorough with the measurements, always considering the space needed for baseboards, electrical outlets, etc.

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“It will save you a lot in the long run to have very careful measurements and placements,” she said. “Work with a professional…who knows closet systems.”

Transitional and timeless

Transitional and timeless: Matching rugs by the bed and seating area help unify the space.

The renovation of this Middletown home included an overhaul of the master bedroom and bathroom.

“If we have a client who is interested in a (master) bathroom makeover,” Pawlak said, “we ask them to think about the bedroom (also). … It makes sense to think about them together. … There’s a functional point of view because people can move into a guest room (during renovation, and) those two areas really need to merge design-wise.”

Much of this bedroom features cool, neutral tones, but Pawlak says this homeowner also appreciates a bit of sparkle and bling. She incorporated glitzy touches with crystal-accented drapery hardware, as well as mirrored and silver accents throughout.

The homeowner also wanted to use some of his existing furniture, including a chest and a nightstand, in his new space. Pawlak rearranged the rooms, added new ones, and brought in matching rugs to unite both the bed portion of the room and the seating area.

Transitional and timeless: Silver accents throughout the bedroom and adjoining bathroom add a bit of bling.

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“We also embellished (the built-in shelves in the seating area) with this really cool small-scale wallpaper to make it stand out…and add some color,” Pawlak said.

Vintage and whimsical

Vintage and whimsical: This room is in the basement of a house in Norton Commons.

This bedroom in the basement of Norton Commons was part of a designer show home. Pawlak therefore had carte blanche to design the space as she saw fit.

“The builder (created) an exit window so it could be called a bedroom,” she said, explaining that to be considered a bedroom, a room must have two exits.

Although the window was built for practicality, Pawlak dressed the space with hurricanes, a roller shade, and drapery panels.

“Depending on the building code, (you might) need an egress window, but they can also be pretty,” she said.

His goal with the overall design was to give it a collected and well traveled feel. It is dotted with suitcases, travel boxes, globes and other travel-related decorations.

“We’ve (included) a lot of cool things that mean a lot of different places,” Pawlak said, “and there’s a nod to antique looks.”

Vintage and whimsical: Bright artwork and other accessories add pops of color to this bedroom.

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The metal bed frame, she adds, mimics the grill of an old Chevy, and its headboard rests against a complementary wall mural.

“It’s set in panels…on a certain level so it’s a nice backdrop for the bed,” Pawlak explained. “That’s why the bed is minimal – so you can really appreciate (the mural) as a great work of art.”

She adds that color was the name of the game in the design of this bedroom, so she incorporated lots of bright and bold hues.

“I loved doing that,” she said. “It’s just a super fun piece.”

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nuts and bolts

Contemporary and chic

House: This is a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 2,800 square foot, two-story vaulted home in Buechel that was built in 2008.

Distinctive elements: Quartz counters and custom cabinets; custom closets and home offices; vaulted ceilings; hardwood floors; two gas fireplaces.

Applause! Applause! KP Designs/Decoration of den interiors

Transitional and timeless

House: This is a traditional two-story 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2,800 square foot home in Middletown that was built in 1988.

Distinctive elements: Hardwood floors; custom cabinets; quartzite and granite countertops.

Applause! Applause! KP Designs/Decoration of den interiors

Vintage and whimsical

House: This room is in a modern 5-bed, 4-bath, 3,500-square-foot arts and crafts style home in Norton Commons that was built in 2015.

Distinctive elements: It was a Designer Bellarmine show house residence.

Applause! Applause! KP Designs/Decoration of den interiors

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