25+ Totally Doable Fitness Ideas For Easy DIY Decorating

12. Go crazy for color

There are no faux pas when it comes to decorating your shed, so why not go all out and choose a bold and crazy shade? ! If that makes you think of a vacation or happy thoughts, we all agree.

13. Turn it into a yoga studio

If yoga is your thing, turning your shed into a yoga studio will give you a calm, calming space to refocus. It is also ideal for dancing, zumba, boxing or a whole series of exercises and physical activities.

14. Give it a tin roof

Tin roofs are totally affordable, easy to install, and they can make your shed super cute too! This one has a rusty finish, but you can choose shiny ones for a more modern look.

15. Configure an office

If you are looking for a space to do some work, look no further than your shed. Since the pandemic, many people are turning theirs into home offices!

16. Cover it with Country Chic shingles.

For a look that screams “English countryside” and is as charming as it gets, cover the exterior of your shed with wood shingles. Warm-toned lighting and lush potted plants complete the ambience.

17. Play with contrasting colors

When it comes to decoration, it’s the contrast that catches the eye. That’s why we’re all in favor of this bold black exterior and light-up door combo.

18. Turn a chicken coop into a shed

Any building can be reused to become a shed, even a chicken coop! This Instagrammer turned one into an awesome throw that she threw.

19. Paint a mural on a wall

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