21 country-inspired wall art ideas to bring the outdoors in

Left: Oka, right: Graham & Green

The charm of a quintessential country house is usually found in its abundance of styles and eras, as it has probably been passed down from generation to generation – or at least made to have it. air. The country house gathers, adds and mixes, ignoring the old maxim that less is more.

When it comes to wall art, the same approach applies. The country houses will feature family portraits, legacy artwork, modern prints, grandchildren’s drawings and scribbles, and there will be no corresponding frame between them.

A natural fit for country wall art is, of course, the great outdoors. Prints depicting pastoral scenes, garden vegetables, plants and wildlife all invite idyllic country living to your home. If you’re looking to achieve a similar effect, abundance and personal taste are key – pick what you like the most, rather than what fits your surroundings, and pick a lot.

We’ve rounded up 21 country wall art ideas – from illustrations of beautiful chickens to dreamy watercolor meadows – to help you enjoy the outdoors.


Churchgate Campaign Framed Print

Dunelm, £ 25

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A calm pastoral scene in a soft watercolor palette – a perfect match for neutral country homes. This piece is printed on canvas with a distressed wood floating frame that belies its price tag of £ 25.


Balsam Farm Flower Fields Wall Art

Anthropology, £ 378

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A dreamy meadow full of colorful flowers, it’s an idyllic version of the countryside typically found in novels and poems. Balsam farm flower fields is a print of an original oil painting, with wooden frame painted in gold. Dreamer.


Churchgate Linen Floral Prints

Dunelm, £ 30

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A charming pair of floral illustrations in rough and ink strokes on textured watercolor paper – perfect for the minimal country home. Pre-framed with stand, this pair will make a happy centerpiece on a gallery wall.


Vegetable garden print

Smallable, £ 53

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For the country cook, charming illustrations of vegetables from the garden. The period illustrations come from “rustic, annual and perennial flowers, vegetables and fodder plants” by the author Vilmorin painted by Mme Champin and Mlle Coutance.


Set of 12 feather prints

OKA, £ 350

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The OKA 12-Print Set features lifelike illustrations of the most exquisite feathers, in vivid and beautiful colors. For bird watchers, color lovers or those who want a ready-made gallery wall …


Country Living Cornfield Prints 2 Pack

Home base, £ 50

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For photography enthusiasts. A pair of framed prints of meadow plants in peaceful neutrals. The perfect choice for a quiet and relaxing bedroom.


Blue Coral Framed Photo Set

Graham & Green, £ 58

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A set of coral prints using touches of exquisite blue. These small pieces are perfect for narrow, hard-to-fill walls. Finished with a fir wood frame with a whitewashed finish.


Small framed butterfly print

Graham & Green, £ 45

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Inspired by the work of photographer Göran Liljeberg, this macro photographic print magnifies every detail of an evenus coronata butterfly. Perfect for a study or home office, its vivid colors are offset by a black wood frame.


Vintage Dreaded 1 Prunus Myrobalana Art Print

Fy !, £ 16

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This vintage poster with a charming plum illustration is part of a series that explores the fruits and vegetables found in a quintessential country garden. The collection would make the perfect country kitchen gallery wall.


Clouds Wall Art

Anthropology, £ 238

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Award-winning painter Philine van der Vegte takes inspiration from natural beauty and here depicts a beautiful cloudy sky in her relaxed, realistic style. Clouds comes in a wooden frame painted in gold. Dreamer.


William Morris Chrysanthemum Poster

Poster, £ 14.95

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A country house wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris. Chrysanthemum uses natural green and yellow tones and its signature intricate botanical pattern for a punchy result.


Retro Flower Poster # 2

Poster, £ 9.95

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The sweet peaches and pinks of this vintage illustrated peony poster are a feminine addition to a bedroom. Pair it with others from the same collection (also available from Postery) for a consistent display.


Set of six framed portraits of Whippet

OKA, £ 350

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The classic country dog ​​breed. The six whippets depicted in this set are captured in endearing and calm moments. With bluish tones throughout and sturdy black frames, this set would make a charming gallery wall.


Gracie Tapner Hare Sitting Framed

John Lewis, £ 15

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The country subject par excellence. A pen sketch of a sitting hare by artist Gracie Tapner, presented on hand-torn watercolor paper. This mounted print comes in a wood effect frame.


Country Living Lot of 2 Prints of Countryside Scenes

Home base, £ 50

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A set of two black and white prints of country scenes – a picturesque outbuilding and a peaceful stream surrounded by trees. Framed by a white border which gives more depth to the image and emphasizes the crisp monochrome photography.


Two framed plant prints

Cox & Cox, £ 155

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Two anatomical plant prints to add a botanical touch. Perfect for an office or home office, in neutral tones of brown and cream for those who prefer a more subdued color scheme. Black frame included.


Butcher’s Meat Cuts Art Print

Fy !, £ 14

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A playful look at butcher cuts, perfect, of course, for country cooking. Add cutouts of your favorite recipes, your grocery list and food-themed postcards to a bulletin board.


Botanist’s study drawing on glass

Wayfair, £ 29.99

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These unique hanging art pieces feature a design etched into glass, reminiscent of pressed flowers and plants. Finished with slim metal frames in an antique black, ready to hang.


Ferns on Sage II by Vision Studio

Wayfair, £ 24.99

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Delicate brush strokes with a palette of tranquil sage and lemon colors give this painting print an air of creative calm. Ideal in a kitchen or bathroom in a simple wooden frame.


Abigail Banks Chicken II Framed Print

John Lewis, £ 140

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A limited edition fine art print signed by artist Abigail Banks. A beautiful watercolor style rooster, designed for country kitchens.


Hide the Hare by Helen Ahpornsiri

Wayfair, £ 33.99

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The charming Hiding Hare by artists Helen Ahpornsiri uses an intricate collage of real flowers and foliage, which are picked or grown and then preserved with traditional flower pressing methods.

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