11 affordable Halloween decorating ideas

Michelle Madison / Dollar Tree

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Many adults want to make the second Halloween pandemic spooky by going out of their way to decorate this year.

“Last year there were no parties; you couldn’t get together, ”says Karen Michela Parziale, interior designer in Hoboken, New Jersey. “Now it’s a fun time, people get together and celebrate as a family. “

More than half of consumers over 50 plan to celebrate Halloween, spending an average of $ 83 on the holidays, according to data from the National Retail Federation. And if you want to create a haunted house or just add some Halloween color to your decor, you’ll find plenty of budget-friendly home furnishings at dollar stores like 99 Cents Only Stores, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree.

“For the great deals you get, you can’t go wrong,” says Michelle Madison, lifestyle expert and event planner in Miami. She suggests using the dollar store items as a starting point for creating your own Halloween style. “The more, the better.”

Keep in mind that there are some items that cost over $ 1 in dollar stores, especially on their websites where you may have to buy in bulk to get a lower price. Last month, Dollar Tree announced it would start adding products with prices up to $ 5 in some locations.

Here are 11 ideas for creating some Halloween fun using products found at dollar stores:

1. Scary entrance

Greet guests with a spooky Halloween wreath or spider web on the front door. Madison decorated her front door with bags of candy strung against a gray brick plastic background. It can make your door stand out if you live in an apartment or residential building, she notes.

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