10 most inspiring cities for interiors

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Design inspiration is everywhere. From the hustle and bustle of London to the diverse jumble of modern Tokyo architecture, we are truly fortunate to have a plethora of cities within. But which one is the best for the design?

New research from Atlas Ceramics looked at the combined annual Google searches for interiors, interior design, aesthetics, furniture, and tiling to find the most inspiring cities for design – and unsurprisingly, Paris took the first place.

With 292,980 Google searches, the French capital has been named the most inspiring city for design, famous for its decorative pieces, vintage upholstery and timeless modern style.

New York took second place (275,620 searches), praised for its aesthetic inspiration. In third and fourth place, respectively, were Singapore (174,000) and vibrant London (144,450) – a melting pot of cultures, lifestyles and traditional interior design.

“Each city and each country has its own style of interior design, from Parisian decor to Moroccan tiles to Greek stone, these places influence all of our design choices,” said Atlas Ceramics. “Thanks to social media and the world opening again to travel after the pandemic, these inner influences have become more popular than ever.”

Empire State Building and Manhattan, New York City, USA
New York also made the list

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Take a look at the full list below …

10 most inspiring cities for interiors

  1. Paris, France (292,980 annual Google searches)
  2. New York, United States (275,620)
  3. Singapore, Singapore (174,000)
  4. London, UK (144,450)
  5. Tokyo, Japan (126,830)
  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (123,510)
  7. Miami, United States (86,680)
  8. Toronto, Canada (81,510)
  9. Los Angeles, United States (69,900)
  10. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (39,630)

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