10 black content creators you should know

Social media has become one of the main platforms for news, entertainment, art and more, be it Youtube, instagramWhere ICT Tac. For the past few years, these digital channels have been a way to connect with creatives around the world. It has also been a way for people to start their own hustles and even full-time businesses. Many successful creators have launched lucrative careers solely based on creating social media content, resulting in brand deals, endorsements, and even international audiences. But what is their key to success? Undoubtedly, it is the variety and uniqueness of the visual content that is added to it. While anyone who adds unique content to social media can be considered a content creator, we wanted to focus on black creators who haven’t received the credit and recognition they deserve.

As of June 2020, the BlackTikTokStrike hashtag has been viewed over 6.5 million times on the app and has since become a trend on social media platforms like Twitter. Black users were using the hashtag to voice their objections to what they say is preferential treatment. Many times non-black influencers used their work, reaping the financial and personal gain from the views, but did not acknowledge or acknowledge the creators. Baller Alert gives credit where it’s due, whether it’s YouTubers, Instagram influencers, TikTokers and beyond. With content ranging from home decor, food, travel and more, we’ve highlighted 10 black content creators you should get to know. Let’s go.

Kendal Westbrook – @champagnenupe

Kendal is the owner of Champagne Love Stories, LLC, a luxury wedding photo and video company. He and Danny Garrett run the business together as they specialize in black millennial love and excellence. Kendal shared how they “make their clients look and feel like they’ve never expressed themselves on camera” and how they “balance” technically and socially. Danny is more technical and likes to plan things out, while Kendal is the main content creator and can be very quick on his toes – due to his high creative mind. Kendal maintains great relationships with its customers by constantly trying to “under-promise and over-deliver to ensure customers are happy and satisfied.” Champagne Love Stories is a company that celebrates black love in creative and unique ways.

Sophie Idahosa – @sophiologie

Sophie is a popular YouTuber/IG content creator who shares tips on her journey in femininity, fashion, hair, and more. With over 217,000 followers on Instagram, Sophie captures her audience with her color-coordinated feed. She’ll start with a primary color, and through different outfits, hairstyles, and locations, Sophie will elegantly transition to a new theme. This is honestly one of the best looking pages on the platform. She has amassed three-quarters of a million subscribers across all of her platforms, with over 50 million views, creating viral hair/makeup tutorials, fashion look-books, weight loss videos and fashion vlogs. lifestyle. If you’re looking to be inspired and encouraged, while looking fabulous, Sophie’s page is the place to visit.

June Luxama – @__Juneee__

June Luxama’s IG page is filled with reels of him doing self-care routines, cooking, and exploring the South Florida area. The New York native compiles videos of his daily activities to create unique visuals that inspire and motivate his viewers. In addition to being a content creator, June works as a project manager for a Miami-based marketing technology company. You’ll see him cook, train his dog, collect world art, and more in his meticulous IG reels. June’s content is purely authentic and CLEAN. He intends to influence young people and adults to take care of their minds – be it by cooking, eating well, exercising, etc.

Angela Davis – @thekitchenista

Private chef Angela Davis shares her cooking skills and culinary inspirations with her 174,000 followers. The mother-of-two started a food blog which later saw her quit a career as an accountant to focus on professional cooking. Angela’s IG page has something for everyone, original concepts, high production value and quality visuals. Whether you’re looking for general cooking tips or how to make a specific dish, she breaks it down for everyone to learn. Although she has several types of videos, her most popular are those in which she creates tasty seafood dishes.

Chanel Delisser – @chaneldelisser

As a licensed occupational therapist and one of Instagram’s hottest fitness coaches, Chanel encourages her followers to become their own body goals. Her life mission is to help women become the most confident version of themselves through exercise and nutrition. Chanel has over 6 years of physical training, which has allowed her to provide women with the tools to engage in a healthy lifestyle, boost their self-esteem and make them feel invincible. If you’re looking for unique visuals that promote fitness, beauty, and how to build self-confidence, be sure to check out her page. Her body alone will make you want to hit the gym.

Dr Cedric Wood – @cedtripping

Originally from South Carolina, Cedric never thought he would become an avid world traveler. The country boy, who once only traveled from town to town, has visited more than 50 countries, and the list is growing month by month. As a clinical pharmacist by day, the self-taught photographer and travel blogger embarked on a trip to Liberia in 2012 and it opened her eyes to a new world of beauty and happiness. He is now committed to creating content that inspires people to travel the world and discover the joy of learning about other cultures. If you’re wondering what vacation spots from above might look like, head over to @cedtripping’s profile. His drone videography captures the insane natural beauty of the most exciting places – steep cliffs, moonlit deserts and turquoise waves, all shown from a bird’s eye view.

Natasha Mayne – @iamnatashamayne

Natasha is somehow the most magical, down-to-earth content creator I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling across. Also known as the “Vogue Attorney”, Ms. Mayne is a storyteller and motivational speaker renowned for her regal, bold, opinionated and eccentric sense of style. She has an unparalleled ability to speak and tell stories that inspire, convince and often leave her audience in absolute awe. The family and marriage lawyer joyfully and poetically delivers heartfelt stories that she turns into revelations of success, faith and hope, through the glorification of God – all while looking fabulous. She truly seeks — and finds — everyday magic, and she reminds me with every Instagram post to look for it myself.

Demetrius Robinson – @athomewithsavvy

Demetrius is an interior designer, full-time content creator, and the founder of At Home With Savvy, a home lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring others to live an elevated/lavish lifestyle. The entrepreneur shares his love for DIY paintings, interior design and home content through engaging images and reels. The unique details that Demetrious brings to spaces make them super cozy and full of personality. Plush cushions, matte black walls and stylish rugs – it works wonders with any space you give it. If you are in the process of making repairs or improving your house/apartment, and this process annoys you, take a look at Demetrius’ Instagram account.

Kristopher Anderson – @sainthndrxx

Saint is a Los Angeles-based artist specializing in fine art, fashion/editorial, travel and lifestyle. He established Saintsworld LLC in 2021, where he works as an artist, social media influencer and travel content creator on Tiktok and Instagram. Saint brings immense passion to the overall mood and composition of his work creating cinematic mood boards for every project he undertakes while capturing raw emotion through his images. He is an adventurer and creator of travel videos reaching over 30 million views on TikTok. As a highly talented travel filmmaker, Saint’s videos are nothing short of cinematic masterpieces. In his videos, you’ll find engaging storytelling and the best transitions you’ve ever seen. Saint is also known for his amazing drone shots and his habit of exploring thrilling stunts. His videos are always worth the wait.

Angelique Mills – @queenofmontclair

HGTV is already an addictive channel if you’re an interior design fan, but Angelique’s IG reels have even more exciting things to watch. She believes ‘home’ is not just a place where you live, but a place where you thrive – and her content proves that theory. She’s taken over IG with her beautiful, luxurious, cultured, and sometimes vintage interior design aesthetic. The New York native’s content is where culture and design collide. His content is relevant, stimulating and provocative in the best way. The general atmosphere of Angélique’s creations is contagious and makes you want to recreate. Check out her page when looking for ways to add fashion, art and culture to any space.

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